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Main Stream Media Bias Guide

A short list to help you point out the evident or not so evident bias in a article or newscast.
  1. Story tone: If you noticed the difference in tone between a story based on a Republican or vice versa a story based on a Democrat there may be bias evident. For instance if the newsreport concentrates how a Republicans taxcut hurts the poor yet his/her opponents opposition to it is painted to be protective of the poor, then there is bias. To be fair the report should provide the negatives and positives in equal weight for BOTH sides.
  2. Party Dropping: If a story about fraud or malfeasance leaves out the party of the offender or mentions the accusers party affiliation but fails to mention the party of the accused, this is a very subtle sign of bias. For instance recently there was a newsreport on a company that was accused of tearing up voter registration application, they mentioned that they were hired by republicans, failed to mention the accuser had been fired for falsifying information. Meanwhile in Denver the news reported multiple cases of voter registration fraud, yet the party of the offenders was never mentioned, a clear cut case of bias.
  3. News Balance: Is the balance of the news on any given day tilted towards one party or another? A single day though heavily imbalanced is not so much a sign of bias, but if a clear pattern persists of hammering a single issue or party day after day, then you have bias. Sometimes you have to be careful though in filtering the noise to recognize the bias at hand, who are the chosen speakers through out the period in question? Was it more heavily Democrat over the period accusing Republicans or presenting the facts against the other side, are they using human props for the "emotion" affect? A lot of wild cards could be introduced.
  4. FactChecking: Do they present all of the facts or all of the evidence? This is the hardest one probable because most people wont take the time to dig up the facts themselves or find out the rest of the story. This category I also include some of the personal story elements, such as mothers who lost children in Iraq or other places. DO they ever mention the families who lost family memmbers ans still support the war? How about the 911 families what about the Bush supporters (who outnumber Kerry supporters by the way), they always highlight the anti-Bush families. How about the draft story, do they mention all of the facts? On Nightline they never mentioned the fact that the Draft Bill was wholly supported and created by democrats, these sort of things are important to the viewer.

In the end it comes down to the viewer and the people to hold the MSM accountable for there mistakes and bias. Otherwise we are doomed to the personal opinion of a affable guy from Canada or from Texas. Also remember the big lie theory, "tell a big enough lie often enough, people will believe it" .

Remember it is the EVIDENCE not the charge that matters.


Well lately polls are showing Bushing moving back into a 3-5 point lead, and you have got to wonder why that is. According to the MSM Kerry cleaned the Presidents clock in the debates. I have a theory to why this is.

I think Kerry is totally forgettable. Unless you are reminded of him constantly the only person you really think of is the President, do I like him this week or dont I. Is he doing good or bad. Kerry is a sidebar, the back up plan for Americans. This truly is a referendum on the President this year. You ask any supporter of Kerry and you ask him what Kerry's plan is for the Economy they either cannot tell you or they tell you something that isnt true. Take Kerry's Iraq plan for instance, Kerry's supporters will tell you its different from the Presidents, but when pushed to tell you the plan once again its either they cant tell you or if they do its the same plan as the Presidents.

Another factor I believe is that alot of the Democrats gameplan was bet on hate, can we extend the 30% of America that hates Bush into the 20% that dislike or arent sure about the President. What it comes down to is you cant win on hate. I think a good 5% - 10% of the Kerry supporters are going to wane in the closing weeks of the campaign because very simply Kerry hasnt offered anything that has real meat on it.

Of course I am not a political scientist nor am I a proffesional pollster.

My final popular vote prediction is Bush 51.7% Kerry 47.3% Other .7% none .3%

My final EV vote prediction is Bush 290 EV Kerry 250 EV, This accounts for election fraud caused by the democrats, look for a couple of places to have 110% turnout such as cincinatti and philadelphia. Also 1 EV goes to Bush from Maine. Bush could end up with a modern version of an EV landslide with over 330 EV's or he could lose it by just a few points, Bush obviously has the strategic advantage this year over his challenger.


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Not often do I have a thought that I wish to make public. But here is one that is nagging me. I am concerned about the Patriot Act. But why speak out about something that protects us from the evil that lurks out there? To speak out against the Patriot Act would be unpatriotic! That is what I a devout conservative used to think. But as a patriot I have to ask what does the Patriot Act do?
  1. Expands the FBI's power to conduct secret searches of private property or homes without informing the owner.
  2. Expands FBI access to private records held by a third party, such as credit reports, student records, medical records, financial information.
  3. Allows the FBI to conduct secret searches or wiretap s on U.S. citizens to obtain evidence of crimes without showing "probable cause."
  4. Expands an exception to the 4th Amendment for spying that collects information about the origin and destination of communications. This exception, when applied to Internet usage, allows access to far more private details than when applied to traditional communication methods like telephones or regular mail.

Yes this is an excellent tool for our law enforcement to stop those evil doers. But what if you were suspected of a crime against the nation? What if you spoke out, and somebody of authority did not like what you had to say?

I can think of several organizations that have utilized similar tactics, such as the Nazi Gestapo, and the Soviet KGB. The provisions allowed by the Patriot Act as it stands provide the basis to undermine our constitutional rights.

On September the 29th, a district judge struck down a USA Patriot Act provision allowing the FBI to gather phone and Web customer records and then barring the service providers from ever disclosing the search took place.

Judge Victor Marrero said the law violated the Fourth Amendment because it barred or deterred any judicial challenge to government searches, and it violated the First Amendment because its permanent ban on disclosure was a prior restraint on speech.
He noted that the U.S. Supreme Court recently said that a "state of war is not a blank check for the president when it comes to the rights of the nation's citizens."
"Sometimes a right, once extinguished, may be gone for good," Marrero wrote.

Bush has stated that he wants to keep the Patriot Act as is. Kerry wants to change it. I am very interested in what Kerry wants to change about it. If I like the change I'm afraid that may enough to swing my vote to Kerry. Even though he is a flip flooper.

But maybe that is too radical. I suggest that we notify the Republican National Committee www.rnc.org and tell them what we think of the Patriot Act.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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