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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Hello all my name is Vince and I decided to join Chris and Pat, as a long time friend of them both I like to "stir the pot" so to speak. I am not that much into politics but well see what happens.

A little about myself: I am a married man 30 years of age getting ready to enter into the military. Kinda old to start what I hope to be a career in the military. I decided to join the Army this late in life for a few reasons. I have some unfinished buisness with the military that started about 12 years ago. I'll not get into that now it's along story and one that shames me. The other reason is that I am tired of going nowhere with my life, the dead-end jobs, low pay, no advancement. I am not a college educated person just made thought high school so that don't leave a person a lot of options. Well I figured I would have a good shot at getting a good job in the Army so I went and inquired at the local recruting station. One year and 45lbs lighter I went and picked my job (52c havc) and got my ship date. Well I got a good job somthing that if I wanted to leave the service I could do in civilian life. So I am leaving the 29th Sep this month and ready to start life anew.

I am often asked what about Iraq with the war and all. Well all I can say is that if it so happens that the unit I am assigned to is going then I am ready to go. I have prepared my wife and kids as much as possible that this is a real possibility and they have come to accept this as a risk that we take to better our lives. As I heard once "Everyone wants to live in America, but no one wants to pay the rent." I am willing to make this sacrifice for my family, friends, and America as many have done before me.(Thanks Chris) Whatever the future may hold, I can't wait to find out my course is ahead and that way I look hoping I need never look back.

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