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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Geez you invite a couple of friends to Blog and they dont show up, alright Vince, Pat whats up?

Anyways here is something to ponder. Much has been made lately about CBS and Memo-gate, and today CBS issued a statement about how they were deceived, fair enough now just apoligize to the President and move on.

OK now on Kerry's record. Where is his last DD214? He received one after being released from training and one after being released from active duty. Now what I understand is that after his initial enlistment Kerry must request when the Reserves should release him from the IRR(inactive ready reserve) since he is an officer it can be indefinate. Now after perusing his site I found he is he is missing his key DD214, the one releasing him from all service requirements. It is missing. People say he got an Honorable Discharge in 1978 which is there on his site, yet he doesnt have a corresponding DD214. Which isnt correct, he should have one. I am led to believe Kerry was released in April 1973 from all service requirements,5 years prior to his receiving a Honorable Discharge(under carter none-the less), and did not receive a honorable discharge, possibly just a general or even a other than honorable. Do you think that since Kerry had the choice of just one year or up to a lifetime he would choose 6 years to serve in the IRR? I dont believe it one bit. He was very busy when he returned home, and was running for federal officee at one time, he even has a document on his page stating that. So why is it that he didnt receive his Honorable Discharge until 5 years after his real discharge? Enquiring minds want to know.

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