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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


First off today I would like to thank my friends Pat and Vince for joining me on my blog, they can help keep it more interesting and enjoyable and fill in the gaps when I am not feeling up to snuff on posting. Now for my opinion.

I remember being 17 years old and watching incredulously as Clarence Thomas was being paraded on TV and being lynched verbally in front of my eyes. I actually was quite the liberal thinker then, although I had already made a right turn after President Reagan made his Surly Bonds speech after the SpaceShuttle Challenger Disaster. I sat there and listened how Thomas was a "Uncle Tom", a traitor to his race, how its not the evidence its the seriousness of the charge. I was like yeah, you accused of something mister you better answer it. Well he did, and did often but that didnt matter, the preponderance of evidence was in his court yet that didnt matter, by golly he shouldnt be sitting in the most important court in the land because he was accused of something, regardless of the facts.

Flash Forward to 2004. I realized now what I didnt then, that such behavior is antithetical to Democracy, such thought is a disease that can destroy a nation. Look at Nazi Germany, I know I dwell on them alot, but in world history no bigger event was bigger than their regime. They were a democracy with a democratically elected government. On one cold night Nov 1938 Goebbels announced official German reprisal against international jewry, now up until then the German Govt had been acting out under conspicuous yet almost understandable actions, first they revoke citizenship then ownership rights, people stood by and did nothing because they accepted the official Reich understanding, over time even the average German started to believe the propoganda of the Govt. Now I understand that CBS isnt a govt, they are a news outlet outside of the govt's control. But when a massive multimedia company, starts to play by its own rules and attempts to set its own facts that is a dangerous turn of events. We understand the difference between a National Enquirer and a NYTimes, well mostly anyways the newspaper of record seems scratched lately. But when a news company is caught in its own lies, and rather(pun intended) than own up to them or even simply say they are in question but defend them for a week straight then we have a problem(kenneth whats the frequency).

There is no doubt now the documents are forged, everybody from the secretary for Killian to CBS's own vetted experts are saying this. So why are they still defending it? Rather wrote a piece in the NY Observer asking the President to answer the questions raised by him, yet Dan Rather hasnt answered the questions raised by us. What we see here is a Goebbelesque attempt to affect a nation and its democracy, to sway through false evidence and testimony a Presidential race, that is unacceptable in this time or any time.

I would like to see Dan Rather fired, but that wont happen. I guess my second best shot would be for him to sit down on another 60 Minutes and say that these documents are false, and they were woefully misled. They should have Ben Barnes daughter on counteracting her own fathers testimony. He should explain they did not use the same vetting process for those agreeing with him and CBS's news. Explaining that Barnes , Matley and others were partisans. Barnes himself is a top fundraiser for Kerry, and therefore according to there own standards set up shouldnt have been allowed on air. Lastly they should tell us there "unimpeachable source", maybe not his name but his qualifications that led them to believe his authenticity. This isnt much to ask in my opinion, the damage has been done to themalready and the famous Eye of CBS is bruised, now its time to take the steak out of the fridge and place it over the eye.

Sir, I do not think you know what you are talking about.
Do you have any thing else to write about your stuff is so boring GO DEMACRATS
Sure do, but then why would I, I get comments like yours and all is well, sincerely chris
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