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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


The Burden of Proof is on the Democrats.

The burden of proof is on the democrats, they are making the claims and they must provide the proof. Isnt that after all what they demanded of the SwiftVets? Dan Rather claims that its not the content of the story but seriousness of the charges smacks of Nazism straight from Goebbels handbook, remember Goebbels made all kinds of claims against the Jews and nobody in Germany really clamored for the truth.

Republicans should be demanding that the Dems provide proof that Bush was AWOL, and there is only one document that can prove it. Its called a Counseling Statement, because it is highly unlikely that a Guard unit will issue a AR-15, because in the Guard Article 15's are very rare and are usually saved for when a soldier is on active duty or has been busted taking drugs or other serious offensives. Terry McCaullife I demand you provide the proof, Mr McCaullife I demand you tell the truth.

Terry McCaullife I demand you tell the whole story on flight status, can you provide a AFM(air force manual) or a UCMJ code or a NG code that states beyond a doubt that Bush by not taking his physical has commited a violation of military law?

Terry McCaullife I demand you explain to the American people how Bush accumulated the required points needed to serve yet you say he was AWOL, you cant have it both ways sir either he was AWOL or he served honorably, you cannot ignore one in favor of the other with out providing proof, and like I have said that burden remains on your shoulder.

Terry McCaullife I demand you explain how those forged documents got to CBS, and why if you are so certain that Bush is in some sort of violation that you needed to sink too forging documents.

Terry McCaullife I demand you apoligize to me and the millions of other National Guardsmen and Reservists who have served our nation, who know the rules of law that governs our respective branches and know by you saying that because Bush missed a couple of months that by association that millions of other soldiers who have done the same thing are therefore scum in your eyes.

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