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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


On the draft.

Much has been made lately from a mass email campaign the John Kerry Campaign and CBS about a possible draft, the truth of the matter is that its the Democrats and John Kerry who want the draft, not President Bush and the Republicans as stated by those various sources, here is my proof.

John Kerry's website:

Many Americans do full time service. John Kerry believes that in these times, we need to bolster these efforts with a nationwide commitment to national service. Whether it is a Summer of Service for our teenagers, helping young people serve their country in return for college, or the Older Americans in Service program, John Kerry's plan will call on every American of every age and every background to serve. John Kerry will set a goal of one million Americans a year in national service within the next decade.

From Bloomberg
Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry called for 40,000 more U.S. troops in Iraq, saying he would ``modernize our military to match its new missions'' in the war on terror and homeland security.

How will John Kerry accomplish such a thing without reinstating the draft?

From FR:

I have been sending this out as much as possible.

The email about the draft being sent out as well as the media reports on it is a complete fraud.
First of all, only Congress can reinstate a draft, not the President. Secondly, there are two bills
with only Democrats sponsoring and cosponsoring. This is a political DIRTY TRICK!!!!!!!!!

DAN RATHER is more credible. Republicans do not want a draft. DEMOCRATS DO !!!
Click on the links and see for yourself . Don't be manipulated.
Don't let the slimy media people lie to you! Know the TRUTH!
Sponsor: Sen Hollings, Ernest F. [SC] (introduced 1/7/2003) [DEMOCRAT] Cosponsors (None)

s.89 Senate bill to reinstate draft

Sponsor: Rep Rangel, Charles B. [NY-15] (introduced 1/7/2003) [DEMOCRAT]


Rep Abercrombie, Neil [HI-1] - 1/7/2003
Rep Brown, Corrine [FL-3] - 1/28/2003
Rep Christensen, Donna M. [VI] - 5/19/2004 Rep Clay, Wm. Lacy [MO-1] - 1/28/2003
Rep Conyers, John, Jr. [MI-14] - 1/7/2003 Rep Cummings, Elijah E. [MD-7] - 1/28/2003
Rep Hastings, Alcee L. [FL-23] - 1/28/2003 Rep Jackson, Jesse L., Jr. [IL-2] - 7/21/2004
Rep Jackson-Lee, Sheila [TX-18] - 1/28/2003 Rep Lewis, John [GA-5] - 1/7/2003
Rep McDermott, Jim [WA-7] - 1/7/2003 Rep Moran, James P. [VA-8] - 1/28/2003
Rep Stark, Fortney Pete [CA-13] - 1/7/2003 Rep Velazquez, Nydia M. [NY-12] - 1/28/2003
Rep Norton, Eleanor Holmes [DC] - 1/28/2003(withdrawn - 6/21/2004)

h.r.163 House bill to reinstate draft


There you have it a vote for Kerry is a vote to reinstate the draft, do you want to be drafted? Then vote against Kerry and his draft mongering.


Hello eveyone I would just like to say hi to the world and I hope all is okay. Hello Chris .
I am not very good at this and it will likely be my last blog for about 9 weeks then I should have pleny to blog about. I have a lot of preperation to do prior to my leaving to Basic Training for the US ARMY.......HOOORAH!!! I'm ready to go got 6 more days lot to do not enought time. So take care Blog nation see ya again in 9 weeks.


Geez you invite a couple of friends to Blog and they dont show up, alright Vince, Pat whats up?

Anyways here is something to ponder. Much has been made lately about CBS and Memo-gate, and today CBS issued a statement about how they were deceived, fair enough now just apoligize to the President and move on.

OK now on Kerry's record. Where is his last DD214? He received one after being released from training and one after being released from active duty. Now what I understand is that after his initial enlistment Kerry must request when the Reserves should release him from the IRR(inactive ready reserve) since he is an officer it can be indefinate. Now after perusing his site I found he is he is missing his key DD214, the one releasing him from all service requirements. It is missing. People say he got an Honorable Discharge in 1978 which is there on his site, yet he doesnt have a corresponding DD214. Which isnt correct, he should have one. I am led to believe Kerry was released in April 1973 from all service requirements,5 years prior to his receiving a Honorable Discharge(under carter none-the less), and did not receive a honorable discharge, possibly just a general or even a other than honorable. Do you think that since Kerry had the choice of just one year or up to a lifetime he would choose 6 years to serve in the IRR? I dont believe it one bit. He was very busy when he returned home, and was running for federal officee at one time, he even has a document on his page stating that. So why is it that he didnt receive his Honorable Discharge until 5 years after his real discharge? Enquiring minds want to know.


First off today I would like to thank my friends Pat and Vince for joining me on my blog, they can help keep it more interesting and enjoyable and fill in the gaps when I am not feeling up to snuff on posting. Now for my opinion.

I remember being 17 years old and watching incredulously as Clarence Thomas was being paraded on TV and being lynched verbally in front of my eyes. I actually was quite the liberal thinker then, although I had already made a right turn after President Reagan made his Surly Bonds speech after the SpaceShuttle Challenger Disaster. I sat there and listened how Thomas was a "Uncle Tom", a traitor to his race, how its not the evidence its the seriousness of the charge. I was like yeah, you accused of something mister you better answer it. Well he did, and did often but that didnt matter, the preponderance of evidence was in his court yet that didnt matter, by golly he shouldnt be sitting in the most important court in the land because he was accused of something, regardless of the facts.

Flash Forward to 2004. I realized now what I didnt then, that such behavior is antithetical to Democracy, such thought is a disease that can destroy a nation. Look at Nazi Germany, I know I dwell on them alot, but in world history no bigger event was bigger than their regime. They were a democracy with a democratically elected government. On one cold night Nov 1938 Goebbels announced official German reprisal against international jewry, now up until then the German Govt had been acting out under conspicuous yet almost understandable actions, first they revoke citizenship then ownership rights, people stood by and did nothing because they accepted the official Reich understanding, over time even the average German started to believe the propoganda of the Govt. Now I understand that CBS isnt a govt, they are a news outlet outside of the govt's control. But when a massive multimedia company, starts to play by its own rules and attempts to set its own facts that is a dangerous turn of events. We understand the difference between a National Enquirer and a NYTimes, well mostly anyways the newspaper of record seems scratched lately. But when a news company is caught in its own lies, and rather(pun intended) than own up to them or even simply say they are in question but defend them for a week straight then we have a problem(kenneth whats the frequency).

There is no doubt now the documents are forged, everybody from the secretary for Killian to CBS's own vetted experts are saying this. So why are they still defending it? Rather wrote a piece in the NY Observer asking the President to answer the questions raised by him, yet Dan Rather hasnt answered the questions raised by us. What we see here is a Goebbelesque attempt to affect a nation and its democracy, to sway through false evidence and testimony a Presidential race, that is unacceptable in this time or any time.

I would like to see Dan Rather fired, but that wont happen. I guess my second best shot would be for him to sit down on another 60 Minutes and say that these documents are false, and they were woefully misled. They should have Ben Barnes daughter on counteracting her own fathers testimony. He should explain they did not use the same vetting process for those agreeing with him and CBS's news. Explaining that Barnes , Matley and others were partisans. Barnes himself is a top fundraiser for Kerry, and therefore according to there own standards set up shouldnt have been allowed on air. Lastly they should tell us there "unimpeachable source", maybe not his name but his qualifications that led them to believe his authenticity. This isnt much to ask in my opinion, the damage has been done to themalready and the famous Eye of CBS is bruised, now its time to take the steak out of the fridge and place it over the eye.

Posted on wired.com 9/14/04
I would like to say that I do not condon stealing. But if we do not stand up for our "on line" rights now, what will the future bring?
Thousands of people have signed up to call their congressional representatives Tuesday to protest the Induce Act, a controversial copyright bill that many fear would undermine the legal protections that allow consumers to make personal copies of music or movies they've bought.
The Induce Act, officially known as the Inducing Infringement of Copyrights Act (SB2560), was intoduced in June by Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont).
It would hold technology companies liable for making products that encourage customers to infringe copyright. The Induce Act conflicts with the landmark 1984 Betamax Supreme Court decision, which ruled that home videotape recorders were legal because they have "substantial non-infringing uses," even though some people might use the machines to infringe copyrights. Though the entertainment industry opposed the machine at the time, the ruling paved the way for the development of the enormous home video and DVD market, and other technological innovations of the past 20 years.

We really needed to get the attention of senators and representatives and show them that people really care about this!

Protecting the innovation engine that drives the American economy and to be highly suspicious of any initiative proposed by the existing dominant players. The Induce Act will make it more difficult for the next generation of entrepreneurs to be successful.
Heavyweights like the music industry have spent more time convincing legislators to protect their current business models than serving their own customers' needs.
Television, movie and music companies have given $168,928 in campaign donations to Hatch since 1999, according to Opensecrets.org, a website run by the Center for Responsive Politics, an organization that tracks campaign donations. Leahy recived $232,050 in the same period. The internet, computer and telecommunications industries donated less money to each.
It simply makes our task (as entrepreneurs) that much more difficult. It tilts the playing field in favor of the established suppliers at the expense of innovators.
Once (the bill) is through, it's going to be 10 times as hard to win those rights back.


Hello all my name is Vince and I decided to join Chris and Pat, as a long time friend of them both I like to "stir the pot" so to speak. I am not that much into politics but well see what happens.

A little about myself: I am a married man 30 years of age getting ready to enter into the military. Kinda old to start what I hope to be a career in the military. I decided to join the Army this late in life for a few reasons. I have some unfinished buisness with the military that started about 12 years ago. I'll not get into that now it's along story and one that shames me. The other reason is that I am tired of going nowhere with my life, the dead-end jobs, low pay, no advancement. I am not a college educated person just made thought high school so that don't leave a person a lot of options. Well I figured I would have a good shot at getting a good job in the Army so I went and inquired at the local recruting station. One year and 45lbs lighter I went and picked my job (52c havc) and got my ship date. Well I got a good job somthing that if I wanted to leave the service I could do in civilian life. So I am leaving the 29th Sep this month and ready to start life anew.

I am often asked what about Iraq with the war and all. Well all I can say is that if it so happens that the unit I am assigned to is going then I am ready to go. I have prepared my wife and kids as much as possible that this is a real possibility and they have come to accept this as a risk that we take to better our lives. As I heard once "Everyone wants to live in America, but no one wants to pay the rent." I am willing to make this sacrifice for my family, friends, and America as many have done before me.(Thanks Chris) Whatever the future may hold, I can't wait to find out my course is ahead and that way I look hoping I need never look back.

Hello all first I would like to introduce myself. I am Patrick and I have been a friend of Chris' for many years. I to am former Military Marines to be exact. I look forward to presenting my views in this forum. I do have some similar views. However sometimes they differ. I leave most of the politics to Chris. He was watching the Oliver North hearings while he was in Jr. High. Not that it’s a bad thing. It just shows how involved he can get. And we didn’t have lives. Yes Chris I said we. We were nerds in school. There I said it, the “N” word. But it is true we were, but that was only a few short years. Got over the acne, got contacts, and bought a comb. I was a whole new person. Anyways hello world.


I broke this on Freerepublic first, but it is still important. Since the latest line of Democratic attacks is so insulting per DrudgeReport

XXXXX DRUDGE REPORT XXXXX SUN SEPT 12, 2004 19:02:38 ET XXXXX DNC TO LAUNCH FRESH ATTACK ON BUSH GUARD DUTY: WILL RAISE QUESTIONS ABOUT 1978 CAMPAIGN LIT**Exclusive** Faster than a CBS eye can blink, dogged Dems are set to take to the airwaves anew hoping to keep questions about President Bush's National Guard duty in play, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. Candidate Kerry apparently has rejected former President Clinton's advice not to get further locked in a 2004 Vietnam quagmire. "George W. Bush's campaign literature claimed that he 'served in the U.S. Air Force.' The only problem? He didn't," slams a new DNC press release set for distribution.Dems will attempt to increase the heat on Bush ahead of his planned Tuesday address before The National Guard Association gathering in Las Vegas.In 2000, Bush opened his National Guard Association speech: "General, I am reporting for duty." MORE Kerry plans to speak to the group on Thursday, but he personally hold back questioning Bush's service, sources explain.The coordinated nationwide effort this week by the DNC has been code-named "Operation Fortunate Son.""George Bush has a clear pattern of lying about his military service," DNC Communications Director Jano Cabrera blasts in the new release. "From 1978 to the present day, George Bush has refused to tell voters the truth about his service. It's time for the President to come clean.""Flyers distributed to Texas voters during Bush's failed Congressional race say 'he served in the U.S. Air Force and the Texas Air National Guard.' But according to Air Force officials, Air National Guardsmen are not counted as members of the active-duty Air Force." MORE

But according to Presidnet Bush own paperwork it clearly shows that he in fact is telling the truth:

Oh whos pants is around there ankles tonight DNC?

The Burden of Proof is on the Democrats.

The burden of proof is on the democrats, they are making the claims and they must provide the proof. Isnt that after all what they demanded of the SwiftVets? Dan Rather claims that its not the content of the story but seriousness of the charges smacks of Nazism straight from Goebbels handbook, remember Goebbels made all kinds of claims against the Jews and nobody in Germany really clamored for the truth.

Republicans should be demanding that the Dems provide proof that Bush was AWOL, and there is only one document that can prove it. Its called a Counseling Statement, because it is highly unlikely that a Guard unit will issue a AR-15, because in the Guard Article 15's are very rare and are usually saved for when a soldier is on active duty or has been busted taking drugs or other serious offensives. Terry McCaullife I demand you provide the proof, Mr McCaullife I demand you tell the truth.

Terry McCaullife I demand you tell the whole story on flight status, can you provide a AFM(air force manual) or a UCMJ code or a NG code that states beyond a doubt that Bush by not taking his physical has commited a violation of military law?

Terry McCaullife I demand you explain to the American people how Bush accumulated the required points needed to serve yet you say he was AWOL, you cant have it both ways sir either he was AWOL or he served honorably, you cannot ignore one in favor of the other with out providing proof, and like I have said that burden remains on your shoulder.

Terry McCaullife I demand you explain how those forged documents got to CBS, and why if you are so certain that Bush is in some sort of violation that you needed to sink too forging documents.

Terry McCaullife I demand you apoligize to me and the millions of other National Guardsmen and Reservists who have served our nation, who know the rules of law that governs our respective branches and know by you saying that because Bush missed a couple of months that by association that millions of other soldiers who have done the same thing are therefore scum in your eyes.


Okay here is the deal, the blogosphere is on a roll with the Rather Gate fraud. Its just sickening how CBS has purported this fraud on America. Lets go through some of the known facts of this.

  1. Staudt, one of the names on the memos had already left the guard by the time the Memo was written. Seattle Times
  2. AUSTIN, Texas — The man named in a disputed memo as exerting pressure to "sugarcoat" George W. Bush's military record left the Texas Air National Guard a year and a half before the memo supposedly was written, his service record shows.
    An order obtained by The Dallas Morning News shows that Col. Walter "Buck" Staudt was honorably discharged March 1, 1972. CBS News reported this week that a memo in which Staudt was described as interfering with officers' negative evaluations of the future president's service was dated Aug. 18, 1973.
  3. Marcel Matley the only expert cited by CBS had this to say in 2002 national review
    In fact, modern copiers and computer printers are so good that they permit easy fabrication of quality forgeries. From a copy, the document examiner cannot authenticate the unseen original but may well be able to determine that the unseen original is false. Further, a definite finding of authenticity for a signature is not possible from a photocopy, while a definite finding of falsity is possible.

    Attempting to authenticate a signature from a photocopy is exactly what Matley did for CBS. Game over.

    1. An unsourced quote of Robert Strong has him saying this:

        1. On Wednesday CBS 60-Minutes II had a former friend and colleague of Col. Jerry Killian suggesting the "Killian memo's were genuine.
          "They are compatible with the way business was done at the time. They are compatible with the man that I remember Jerry Killian being," says Strong. "I don't see anything in the documents that is discordant with what were the times, what was the situation and what were the people involved."
          On a Friday Mr. Strong said he did not see anything in the memos that made him think they were forgeries. Mr. Strong noted he's not a forensic expert and isn't vouching for the documents.
          "I didn't see anything that was inconsistent with how we did business," Strong said in an interview. "It looked like the sort of thing that Jerry Killian would have done or said. He was a very professional guy."
          "It Looked like the sort of thing that" that Jerry Killian could have done or said? But Mr. Strong never goes out and says, "Yes, this is a practice Jerry Killian had and I have seen him type these kind of memo's." In other words, Mr. Strong offered no first hand support to the CBS charge that these memos were a product of Jerry Killian. Hardly someone that adds any serious support to the CBS memo's contents.
          Yet both Wednesday and Friday, Mr. Strong was the only associate of Jerry Killian quoted by CBS as supporting the memo's contents.


                                        1. Col Udell, Bush's trainer has this to say:
                                          Retired Col. Maurice Udell, the unit's instructor pilot who helped train Bush, said Friday he thought the documents were fake.
                                          "I completely am disgusted with this (report) I saw on '60 Minutes,'" Udell said. "That's not true. I was there. I knew Jerry Killian. I went to Vietnam with Jerry Killian in 1968."

                                        2. Ret. Major General Hodges says he was lied to by CBS according to ABC News
                                          The 60 Minutes Documents:
                                          Retired Maj. General Hodges, Killian's supervisor at the Grd, tells ABC News that he feels CBS misled him about the documents they uncovered. According to Hodges, CBS told him the documents were "handwritten" and after CBS read him excerpts he said, "well if he wrote them that's what he felt."
                                          Hodges also said he did not see the documents in the 70's and he cannot authenticate the documents or the contents. His personal belief is that the documents have been "computer generated" and are a "fraud".
                                          CBS responds: ""We believed Col. Hodges the first time we spoke with him. We believe the documents to be genuine. We stand by our story and will continue to report on it."

                                        3. Ben Barnes the man who says he got Bush into the guards is refuted by his own daughter who says he is lying to sell a book and to get in a Kerry administration. Per WBAP ABC Radio.

                                        4. From NBC News:
                                          But Killian’s son, one of Killian’s fellow officers and an independent document examiner questioned the memos. Gary Killian, who served in the Guard with his father and retired as a captain in 1991, said he doubted his father would have written an unsigned memo that said there was pressure to “sugar coat” Bush’s performance review.
                                          “It just wouldn’t happen,” he said. “No officer in his right mind would write a memo like that.”
                                          The personnel chief in Killian’s unit at the time also said he believes the documents are fake.
                                          “They looked to me like forgeries,” said Rufus Martin. “I don’t think Killian would do that, and I knew him for 17 years.” Killian died in 1984.
                                          DECISION 2004 TOOLKIT
                                          Register to vote in your state
                                          Bush vs. Kerry on the issues
                                          Track issues in Legislative Action Center
                                          Follow the money with opensecrets.org
                                          First Read from NBC News
                                          Republican Party Platform
                                          Democratic Party Platform
                                          Complete MSNBC.com politics coverageIndependent document examiner Sandra Ramsey Lines said the memos looked like they had been produced on a computer using Microsoft Word software. Lines, a document expert and fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, pointed to a superscript — a smaller, raised “th” in “111th Fighter Interceptor Squadron” — as evidence indicating forgery.
                                          Microsoft Word automatically inserts superscripts in the same style as the two on the memos obtained by CBS, she said.
                                          “I’m virtually certain these were computer-generated,” Lines said after reviewing copies of the documents at her office in Paradise Valley, Ariz. She produced a nearly identical document using her computer’s Microsoft Word software.There was support, too, for the belief that the documents were genuine. An unnamed "senior CBS official" told the Washington Post that one of the network's backup sources was retired Maj. Gen. Bobby W. Hodges, Killian's immediate superior. The CBS executive said a CBS reporter read the documents to Hodges over the phone, and that Hodges replied that "these are the things that Killian had expressed to me at the time," the Post reported Friday.
                                          But the Post also reported that "in a telephone interview from her Texas home, Killian's widow, Marjorie Connell, described the records as 'a farce,' saying she was with her husband until the day he died in 1984 and he did not 'keep files.' She said her husband considered Bush 'an excellent pilot.'"

                                        5. And Finally from Little Green Footballs:
                                          Here is the result if I print the Microsoft Word document I created to a PDF file:

                                        Here is the CBS News “original:”

                                        And here is the result if I overlay the CBS News “original” on my Word-created PDF file:

                                        As you can see, it’s an even better match than the Word screenshots I’ve been using previously.

                                        The superscript “th” in “187th” now lines up perfectly with the CBS News “original.”

                                        The correspondence is so exact that in the center of the image (the focal point of the fax/copier machine that was probably used to “age” it) you cannot see any differences at all.

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