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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Well the Democrats have there guns out and they are collectively aiming at there own feet, again. Today they are saying that Bush's nomination of Porter Goss to be CIA director is purely political, other than the fact that all posts nominated by a President is political the statement is absolutely stupid. When Tenet announced his resignation, both Democrats and Republicans both where almost instantly saying that Goss was the perfect pick to be CIA Director. Look at his record, military intelligence, undercoverr CIA operative, Chairman of the Select House Commitee on Intelligence you will find no man better situated to head the CIA. Nancy Pelosi, before she flip-flopped(a new democrat tactic?) said she fully supported him, but now since its a political season she doesnt. Remember the Democrats said we should act on the 9-11 Commision reccomendations immediately without thought, but I guess a new CIA Director is someone who should be delayed due to Democratic division( sorry democrats YOU guys are the ones being dividers not the other way around). This only spells disaster for the Dems just like in 2002 when the Dems figured it was smart to play politics with the War on Terror( Daschle and other leaders were th first ones to put politics into play on the WOT folks, only 2 years removed and they have rewritten history but thats alright) SO if history plays right again the Dims will be on the losing side of the issue yet again because of the constant politicizing of everything that moves in Washington.

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