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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


There is a hot campaign for the presidency of the republic. One side is accused of being AWOLwhile serving in the National Guard. The campaign season is overheated when the democratic party puts forward a propogandic documentary meant to belittle and tell lies about the republican. No one from the leading party asks for it to be removed or threatens lawsuits, they believe in a free press and freedom of speech. A few months later a commercial comes out accusing the democratic party candidate of lying about his war record. The democatic party candidates does nothing for two weeks other than threaten lawsuits against TV stations who air it. After a couiple of weeks the book from these veterans is released rising to number 3 on the NYTimes bestseller list. The democratic party candidate once agian threatens lawsuits, this time against the book sellers. Not once, mind you, have they actually threatened a lawsuit against the authors or the veterans mentioned in the book. They accuse them of being a front for the republican party, but they dont tell you that there 527's, funded by huge democratic donors Soros, Lewis and a few other liberal billionaires, have accused the president of being a NAzi, run ads calling him a liar, members of there party comparing individual republicans of having brownshirts. Sorry but all of this does seem like 1930's Germany accept the Nazis arent rightwing in this scenario.

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