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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


There are three numbers coming that the Bush team should be prepared for: 1000, 9-3, 9-11

1000 is the number of troop deaths likely to hit before the November elections. I believe the media has been lying fairly low on Iraq lately, and it makes me curious. Najaf is a huge hotspot right now and should be dominating headlines but it isnt, why is that? Sure its gets plenty of attention, but not quite like it was in May. This leads me to believe that they are cleaning there guns and are planning on making 1000 a magical number and they probably have some sort of magical number comparisons primed for attack.

9-3 is the jobs report after Bush's acceptance speech on 9-2, if it isnt over say 200,000 the press will use the "low" job growth numbers to overshadow any post-convention coverage he may have, a tricky situation for Bush and Rove to work with and its completely out of there hands.

9-11 is the only number that will help Bush, but watch out for a VFW style protest to happen, I wouldnt doubt it if a few of Teresa Heinz's sycophant 9-11 families do some sort of back turning on Bush, but unlike the VFW soldiers who called Kerry a liar and turned there backs to him the press will jump on this like flys to sh*t or bees to honey.

Unfortunately all of these situations will be outside of Bush's control and I see no way that Bush and Co. can counteract them, but there is one good thing and thats the fact the electorate is so divided and the Republicans are so united that even with all that the race will still be close.

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