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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Some random thoughts today.

I went to a VA Psychologist the other day as part of my Title 31 benefits and he was testing me for Vocational Rehabilitation, the test consists of three parts. The first part is an IQ test, the second is a vocational test (you know the tests that determine what field you are best at, like an ASVAB to those of you who know what that is) and a Psychological evaluation.

Well on the IQ test I scored extremely well, surprisingly well. It was the Stanford-Binet 3rd(maybe 5th) version I believe I took and came out Extremely Gifted, no numbers were given at the time but he said he believed I scored in the high 160's range. Not bad considering my education level, and the level of the test given combined. Believe it or not according to him my language skills, vocabulary and logic centers where far above the average man,

The second part was the vocational testing. I scored very highon 4 areas, high in another and average on the third. The average one was a dexterity test, having to do with typing. It was performed on an old notebook computer, so I believe the score on that is skewed, considering I have carpal tunnel and it was performed on a keyboard half the size of the average keyboard.

The third was the Psychological test. Now this part was very interesting. I came out of it being apathetic and low self-confidence. Not apathetic in the way about the world that surrounds me, but apathetic in my own future which also leads it into my lack of self-confidence which is the barrier which has kept me from taking my obvious mental gifts and actually applying them. As the good doctor told me, he has never met a 30 y/o with as high an intelligence as me with so little to show for it, part of it has to do with my choldhood but I wont get into such a personal subject in such a public manner.

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