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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Ok here is the deal. We the ones who are politically acute can smell desperation when a candidate goes outside the norm. Kerry is that desperate person, he is desperate like a fox. Why am I saying this? Because Kerry made a desperate gamble about the SwiftVets, and for now it is definately working. We the proud members of the Republican Party are sometimes too trustworthy in our opponents abilities to crash and burn, and it was just this close for the Kerry Campaign to do just that. But out of 10 people I have talked to in the past 4 days only 2 people support Bush and believe he is not behind these ads, ouch. These are decidedly undecided people, they still dont know who they are voting for but they for now do not like this perceived dirty pool.

One of these undecideds is a black vietnam veteran who voted for Bush in 2000. He does not like Kerry, not one bit. He feels like many Viet Vets that Kerry betrayed them and this country, and feels that if so many veterans from Kerry's own unit dont like him and wont vote for him that there is something to it. He explains to me, and this is something I understand well, that in most units in the military there is at least one person that is so arrogant and so dislikable that he draws the distrust and dislike fom the rest of the unit, this is normal. But he is ticked off because he believes that in fact it was the President behind these ads, and to him although he dislikes Kerry its a totally different story when a President, according to him, supports a group who slams his war record. And I quote " The group should have stuck to Kerry's anti-war activities not his war activities."

He is still leaning towards Bush, but he will not vote for Kerry under any circumstances so to him its Bush or nobody, and there is a real chance its nobody with him. I have received similar responses although 50% of this group of ten said they still could vote for Kerry, 3 are still leaning Bush and 2 like my friend above say they are leaning Bush or nobody and they are the only 2 veterans in my small informal non-scientific poll.

I dont know why the RNC have sat on there hands on this one. Do they think that any polling change will be fixed by the convention and so they will save there money? Or are they waiting for this to blow over so they can counteract with commercials attacking Kerry on the same accusations they accuse Bush of? Either way with 14 commercials coming out from Moveon.org, continuing headlines from liberal newspapers across the land attacking Bush, a Kerry on-air media blitz playing the victim, this is all taking affect, and I like most political junkies are waiting to see some polls. I bet though, and this is just a guess, but polling data is showing negatives towards Bush and even some slippage in some polls, why havent they come out yet? Because the MSM wants to save the polls for post convention to show Bush in a bad light. This is a guess of course, and I am probably wrong but polls have been usually coming out once every couple of days, save the Rassmusen(sp?) daily which I dont fully trust, and the polls have seemingly stopped coming.

Maybe its only worth a penny but this is my 2 cents.

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