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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


The Kerry campaign is making a big deal out of possible Bush connections to SWVFT and the mainstream media has swallowed this hook line and sinker but as many friends of mine sat down this weekend we dug up a bunch of Kerry connections between them and there own 527's. Ths was picked up by NewsMax, and nobody else but oh well print this up and hand this out to those who think Bush is the one playing a smear merchant.


From Democrats.org, a Web site of the Democratic National Committee, May 9, 2003:
“The Democratic Party is partnering with MoveOn.org, People for the American Way, Campaign for America's Future, and dozens of other groups representing millions of Americans to organize a massive public mobilization. On Wednesday, May 14, join us by calling and emailing your representatives in Congress to let them know that the majority of Americans oppose more irresponsible tax cuts that go overwhelmingly to the wealthiest sliver of Americans.”
“In their own words, DNC coordination with MoveOn.org,” noted a reader from Florence, S.C., one of several who sent this tip.
'Kicking Ass'
From the same Web site’s unironically named “Kicking Ass: Daily Dispatches from the DNC,” here’s the ultimate in hypocrisy last Nov. 13 from one of Vermont’s more extreme ideologues:
“Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT), ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, took a short break from the 30-hour Republican hypocrisy-a-thon to come and see the results of the DNC's petition drive. We collected more than 310,000 signatures and comments from Americans who stand with Senate Democrats in the fight to keep ultraconservative ideologues off the federal bench.”
An accompanying photo has this caption: “DNC Chief Operating Officer Josh Wachs (left), Senator Leahy, and Zack Exley from Moveon.org pose with the more than 310,000 signatures.”
In its push to obstruct judges who follow the U.S. Constitution, DNC admitted elsewhere on its site that same day, “The DNC is also conducting a major petition drive in partnership with MoveOn.org. More than 310,000 Americans have signed the petition to protect our courts — with more than 172,000 of those signatures coming in the past 36 hours.”
And here’s DNC’s “Kicking Ass” item from Jan. 31:
Catch the Moveon ad during the Super Bowl
Here's a message from Moveon.org:
This Sunday, during the Super Bowl half time show, join us in changing channels on CBS. At 8:10pm and 8:35pm EST, switch over to CNN to watch "Child's Pay" on a channel which doesn't censor its ads. We'd like to keep a tally of the number of people who participate — you can sign up here.
Posted by DNC Research
MoveOn’s Web site admitted Aug. 9, “We're running a contest to help us choose the ads that will best convince undecided and swing voters to vote for John Kerry.”
Kerry's Letter
The same site still posts a “letter to MoveOn members from John Kerry,” dated June 17, 2003. “Make no mistake, we need to take back the White House in 2004 and that’s why I’m running for President,” Kerry writes.
A posting on “the official Kerry-Edwards blog” last Dec. 11 includes this boast from one Fe Bongolan of Berkeley, Calif.:
“The East Bay for Kerry/MoveOn House party on December 7th combined the forces of two grass-roots organizations based in San Francisco East Bay Area. We had 200 guests eating, drinking, and watching the MoveOn Documentary ‘Uncovered’ featuring Joseph Wilson and Rand Beers from the Kerry campaign.
“When Teresa Heinz-Kerry arrived, she handed me a pin that read in the center: ‘Asses of Evil’ with ‘Bush’, ‘Cheney’, ‘Rumsfeld’ and ‘Ashcroft’ surrounding it. She met, greeted and talked to a jam-packed room of Kerry supporters and others who came for the MoveOn documentary. …
“Thanks to Teresa, we kept the party going on, and she helped us here at East Bay for Kerry, throw the Mother of All House Parties.”
From the liberal Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Sam Kaplan, one of Kerry's biggest and earliest fundraisers in Minnesota, said he plans to continue raising money working with Americans [sic] Coming Together.” (Hint to the Star Tribune: That pro-Kerry group calls itself America Coming Together.)
The reader from St. Louis Park, Minn., who sent this tip pointed out, “This is a more direct, admitted coordination link than anything asserted in the New York Times.”
Consider this July 26 posting on BushCountry.org:
Do identical donation pages tracking unique team numbers show relationship between John Kerry's campaign and MoveOn.org?
The Judge Napolitano on The big Story on Fox News just showed a Letter from Moveon asking for contributions to John Kerry with a link. That link ended in Team=437 at the end of the link.
Now go to: http://www.Johnkerry.com and highlight the "Make a Contribution Link": /contribute3.johnkerry.co...l?team=138 It says team=138.
The Donation pages are identical in nature, form, and function in the sense they track the donations back to moveon.
Therefore they are tracking donations specific from Moveon thus applying a causal relationship between the two of them.
It is interesting that the PAC donation section on moveon no longer has a team number attached, but the letter shown on fox did.
How did they get assigned a team number for contributions of Team Number 437 if they are not in a relationship?
Looking at the HTML source and at the link at the end of this sentence: Contribute to Senator Kerry's Presidential campaign here. It still shows a "team=349" URL like this:
Contribute to Senator Kerry's Presidential campaignhere
So, one has to ask the question: Who assigned Moveon.org the "Team=349" for use on their PAC page?
Still, the Kerry site is clearly using 'tracking numbers' to gauge the source and effectiveness of various 'campaign materials'
What do they gain by having a unique team number? Have them explain that one to the Federal Elections Commission
MoveOn's Link to Kerry and Cahill
A reader from New Jersey sent this e-mail he received on July 22 that shows MoveOn's ties to Kerry and his campaign manager, Mary Beth Cahill.
From: Eli Pariser, MoveOn PAC To: Jim Shorts Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2004 2:34 PM Subject: Watch Kerry's big speech together.
The Kerry-Edwards campaign is holding house parties all over the country to celebrate Kerry's big speech next Thursday. Attend a house party in your area or host one yourself. Dear MoveOn member, A week from today, John Kerry will give the climactic speech at the Democratic National Convention, and the race to win the general election will be officially on. The speech will be one of the biggest political moments we'll have between now and the election, and it'll offer Kerry an opportunity to lay out his vision for the future of our country.
The Kerry-Edwards campaign wants to kick off this final phase of the campaign with a burst of grassroots energy, so all over the country folks are holding house parties to watch the speech. The parties will be linked together by a nation-wide conference call with John Edwards.
Hosting or attending a Kerry-Edwards house party is a great way to celebrate this fun and important event. To attend a party, just go to:
To host a party of your own, go to:
Hosting is easy � all you need to do is sign up on the Kerry website and offer people a place to watch. We've copied an email from Mary Beth Cahill, Kerry's Campaign Manager, with more information about the parties.
We'll be headed to house parties on Thursday night, and we hope you can make it too.
Sincerely, --Eli Pariser and the MoveOn PAC Team July 22nd, 2004
P.S. Here's the Kerry campaign's email:
From: Mary Beth Cahill, Kerry-Edwards 2004 Subject: A TV, some friends, and your next president Dear friend,
Next Thursday night, July 29, while John Kerry accepts the Democratic nomination, our supporters everywhere will be gathering to watch at convention parties in thousands of homes, restaurants, and public meeting halls across the country. This is the first time a presidential campaign has ever kicked off the general election with so much energy and grassroots support.
You can set up your own convention party in just minutes here:
Or find one to attend in your town here:
For millions of Americans, next Thursday night is the beginning of the presidential election. It's an opportunity to bring hundreds of thousands of new people into our campaign. When John Kerry accepts his party's nomination, it will be a special moment -- his one chance to lay out his vision for the country, uninterrupted, and with the undivided attention of the nation.
At thousands of events in 50 states, Washington, D.C., and four territories, our supporters are going to convert this night into an organizing opportunity. Last week we set a goal to sign up 100,000 new volunteers in one night at our convention parties. Now we're poised to blow past that goal.
Holding a convention party is easy. All you need is a television and a few friends. Sign up as a party host so that we can count your event in our total:
Mary Beth Cahill Campaign Manager
PAID FOR BY MOVEON PAC www.moveonpac.org Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
And Here's George Soros
Is Bush-bashing billionaire George Soros behind polls and "experts" slanted in favor of Kerry? Follow the money trail and decide for yourself.
In an Aug. 21 article headlined "Youth vote could carry Kerry into White House," the Bakersfield Californian newspaper quoted William Galston, director of Center for Information and Research at the University of Maryland, as saying: "It is a mirror-image reversal of the run-up to the Iraq war when the young were supportive. They are now disillusioned and confused with a situation where there is continuing carnage and no end in sight."
Galston, it turns out, is a "founding principal" of something that calls itself Democracy Collaborative.
And who funds Democracy Collaborative? George Soros.
Like-Minded Employers
As NewsMax.com reported Sunday, Kerry refuses to fire Zach Exley, a campaign staffer who was a director for MoveOn.org.
And, of course, Jim Jordan, formerly Kerry’s campaign manager, continues his work at the pro-Kerry Media Fund.
Although the Times and its countless imitators have for days made Kerry’s latest attacks on Bush and Swift Boats Veterans for Truth their lead story, note that they didn’t offer similar publicity when Bush’s campaign and the Republican National Committee on March 31 accused Kerry’s campaign of illegal coordination with anti-Bush groups.
"Senator Kerry, who supported the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act, is now the beneficiary of the single largest conspiracy to violate campaign-finance laws in history," RNC Chief Counsel Jill Holtzman Vogel said at the time.
Kerry’s adviser Michael Meehan claimed at the time: "This frivolous complaint is not worth the paper it is written on. John Kerry and his campaign have nothing to do with these ads or the groups that run them."

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