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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Interesting news today, other than the terror alert level going up, Kerry received a negative bounce from the convention among likely voters, a negative 5% bounce to be exact according to the latest gallup, usatoday cnn poll. Not since 1972 has a candidate had a negative bounce. Of course the election is still very close and only time will tell how it will all end up, my feeling is come the GOP coonvention the electorate will begin to make there choices known, and thats good news for Bush since his convention and his speech will be the last major one prior to the election with a narrow window between the convention and the election, only worry along the way will be the debates.

Saw Kerry and Edwards talking today on how we alienated our "allies" on Iraq. Geez i'm sorry did I miss something? Wasnt it the French who promised us they would support it but backed out at the last moment? Germany is Germany and I am not going to judge them as harshly, they have a myriad of personal demons to deal with as does Russia, which had large amounts of debt and oil owed to them by Iraq. But France is a different story they doubletalked us they lied to us they alienated US not the other way around people. They accepted bribes from Saddam. So for a man who wishes to become President and blames the trans-atlantic riff solely on us will find that the American people are far smarter than he gives them credit for. Also the fact that other than France, Germany, Russia and a couple of other nations the MAJORITY of Europe was with us, at least there governments were. Lets not forget also that almost immediately after 9-11 it was the Europeans and the hard American left that blamed America first, there newspapers were hitting us hard and its there media that has been anti-American for years, so lets balance the answer, its not that America alienated its "allies" its that our "allies" and european media that has alienated us.

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