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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


I am a conservative, make no bones about it. I believe in less government, a strong national defense, I believe abortion is wrong and immoral and homosexuality is a choice and not something you are born as. That doesnt mean government doesnt have its place outside of National Defense or that sometimes I do struggle with the idea that abortions may be needed occasionally. I also dont judge people on there choice to be gay, hey in the end they have to answer to the same G-D as I do right? Its just my right and conviction that if asked I will tell them they are wrong and I dont agree with there position. Ask any gay friends I have and they will tell you they respect me because I still respect them and never waiver on that conviction, but I do not push my ideology off on them.

Which is why I am writing this, not because of homosexuality or abortion. Its the fact that many of my conservative friends and acquantences tend to take there christian faith to an extreme. The christianity I grew up in was non-judgemental. Why tell somebody about the speck in there eye but ignore the log in your own, right? Jerry Falwell has consistently said "Hate the sin, Love the sinner" , all to often though evangelicals, which I am one of in my own way( I will explain later on) , tend to hate the sin and ignore the sinner rather than love them. I say all of this because many older christian conservatives dont like Britney Spears. I fully agree that Britney is a bad influence on young teens, is far to erotic, although being fairly young I dont mind that too much :-). But the fact is we the Republicans of America get a bad rap because of a handful of closeminded individuals who think there G-D says condemn all who dont believe. The last I checked Britney is a Christian(maybe, last I heard she was checking out Kabbalah), she may have ignored some tenants of faith but she is still(maybe) a Christian. Rather than judge her, open up to her, lead by example with an open heart rather than toss her aside and move her to the sidelines of humanity where she can do great damage to herself and to others. We are a big party, we are a loving people, but we can be too judgemental and that has been whats killing us. So lets give Britney that chance, let her perform at the GOP convention, if she turns into a left-wing hack we will have only ourselves to blame in the end.

On my religion, I believe I am Evangelical. I grew up in a Catholic family went to a Mennonite Church and when I was older I attended a Nazerene Church. I am never afraid to let people know who I believe in. But I do not attend church regularly. After reading the bible I have come to a conclusion that Christianity was meant to be a close private thing. You arent supposed to perform rituals or repeat prayers, save one. Although its great to hear the message a Pastor brings, he still is just talking to you and it is up to the individual to do with it what he may. After all this is just my belief.

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