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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Well my little niece is doing much better. She is not in a coma anymore and in fact she stays awake a good part of the day. Doctors have performed several operations to help drain fluid from her brain and that seems to be making a difference. They have removed the breathing tubes from her. Soon they are hoping to replace the missing parts of her skull and start rehabilitation, lucky for her she is so young and really hasnt learned that much so hopefully, barring any mental problems unforeseen, she will start learning to be normal again.

Well the 9-11 report came out today, nothing real surprising in it, except they really didnt attack any one person, just an even handed attack across the board from congress to intelligence agencies.

Can anybody tell me that the NAACP is relevent anymore? Come one what did they expect ?They, a monolithic voting apparatus of the left side of the democratic party, expected President Bush, a moderate conservative republican, to appear after 4 years of name calling? Thats pretty stupid. Anybody remember what happened after the last time he appeared? Thats right they made a video saying Bush basically lynched a black man then they went on to call Bush a confederate and member of the Taliban. And that is the light part of there hate. If anything Bush should propose stripping the NAACP of all tax exempt status.

What about this Sandy Berger fluff up? On its face it seems pretty stupid but when you look deeper what was Sandy Berger covering up? And why are the dems so keen on blaming republicans on a democrats wrongdoing? Its simple Berger released to the press he was under investigation, not Bush. Kerry told him to do it, not Bush. The dems wanted to test the waters and see where it goes. Not to mention if the Republicans did it they would have waited until the DNC convention or even later closer to the election, no it was a DNC fluff campaign meant to cover Kerrys ass who, besides Clinton was the only person who could benefit from any top secret documents dissapearing.

Speaking of Clinton, I for one am one conservative who is tired of hearing other conservatives crying about him. Lets get over it guys its been four years now, let him be him. Otherwise we will be like the dims in the 90's who couldnt stop crying about Reagan and Bush 1. Remember they lost both houses.

Thats my words for the day. Sorry I havent been around lately but family and all.

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