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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Update on my niece Emma.

Doctors say she is in a coma, another says she isnt. There is still some bleeding in the back of her brain. They removed part of her front temporal lobe and periatal(sp?)lobe. Some good news is she responds to touch and when light is shined in her pupils they react. Doctors dont know yet how her brain functions will work if she recovers, her brain can compensate with the missing parts or it may not its a wait and see situation.

I am thinking of setting up a fund so my sister can devote all her time to Emma, if anybody knows how to do this email me.

Tom is still under arrest. Detectives believe he is telling 99.9% of the truth but they think he is holding out on 30 seconds on the events. Possibly he did something to aggravate it or maybe accidently caused it, either way the truth must come out. Keep the prayers coming.
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