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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Personal updates. Well my mothers lung cancer seems to have gone into a radical recession. Previously scans had indicated a 3 cm tumor on her lung and spotting on her liver, after a few chemo treatments the liver spotting has disappeared and the tumor has shrunk to less than 1 cm.

My brother is still hanging tough in Iraq. I was counting in my head the other day and I realized I personally know well over 40 people over in Iraq. It seems I have far more invested over there than I realized. It makes me even more determined to help and make sure my sacrifices, my brothers and all of my friends do not go unnoticed and we see the job through. I would hate nothing more than to see the blood and sweat and emotions invested by me and my fellow soldiers thrown to waste because of politics. This is why its important that we maintain the course with President Bush.

I am still battling the VA. I have applied for Vocational Rehabilitation since my war injuries inhibit my current ability to maintain a job I am qualified at. I have also wrote a letter of disagreement. It seems that they feel the most damaged parts of me, my knees and hip are not worthy of compensation yet the fairly benign damage to my wrists is worthy of compensation. Heres the rundown for those who do not know. I was injured last year in Iraq near Fallujah, I fractured my right knee and right hip and left shin and caused nerve damage to my arms resulting in damage to my wrists I also lost conscience for a period of time. I would probably have recovered much better if my treatment had been proper right off the back(I walked around for two weeks after my injury with no brace or crutch)because the doctors in the field told me I was just bruised all the while they had x-rays showing that I indeed had fracture.

Oh Well, if I stay on it,it will be ironed out in the end.Well I guess thats my catch up for now. Oh before I forget I made a video out of my boredom its to the left and the link is titled choices video. If the link doesnt work email me and I will mail it to you. Its not a good video I suppose but it has Michael Moore and John Kerry saying similar quotes about no terrorism while the sounds of Allahu Akbar and a guy screaming fill in the sound.
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