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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


I have been watching the DNC convention and mostly its unremarkable save for the two americas the DNC talks about and there seeming turn to being pro-war. A lot of the phrases are the typical talking points, republicans want to starve your children yada yada.. But the one statement that has been repeated often and almost completley ignored is "Bring back our democracy" this is a very dangerous and fearful phrase clothed in seemingly obscurity.

Does this phrase mean democracy has been lost and we live in a dictatorship?

Does it mean that democracy is only for democrats?

Maybe they are just referring to 2000?

It seems to me they really need to explain this phrase. They continue to cry that Bush has divided America but instead of wishing to unite us they say half of America doesnt deserve democracy? Half of Americans are liars and thiefs? We starve children, we are nazis no better than Saddam, and they wish to unite us? Screw that.


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