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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


I am going to predict it right now, Kerry will receive a 3 point bounce, I am even willing to wager he will not break 50% as is customary after a convention. The convention is boring non-connective and at times weird.  I am an honest individual, I try to be anyways and unless speed is injected into the dims the next couple of days Clinton will be considered the highlight of this convention, he did a good job, even possibly great (chagrine).  I hate giving out tips, but if you guys wish to have an effect on the undecideds you need to spend less time on Bush  and 2000, stop living in the past and speak about the future and actually offer something rather than the tired "we will do better trust us" line. And another thing keep Teresa out of the spotlight. Could there have been a weirder boring speech?

I think now that the GOP is genius in how it planned its convention a month further ahead than the Dims, they really get a chance to tweak there rosters and fix whats missing from the dims convention. Not to mention that any bounce Kerry has from there convention will more than likely dissappear by the time the GOP comes around, which since it comes last will mean the bounce will have a better longer effect.

Wow was that speech weird or what? Teresa drink some coffee or maybe do some prescription speed. If she is an indication on how John Kerry will be watch out, possible poll drop? Nah but still I just cant get over how terrible it was. I know we arent supposed to pay attentio to the first ladies or use them to base our opinions on the primary candidate, but you cant help but wonder how much she has rubbed off on him.

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