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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


How many lies have we heard this political season? 1 ? A dozen? To many to count? I know its an awful lot. Why just today I heard former UN Ambassador Holbrooke tell some big lies, maybe he was misleading it sure wasnt an opinion because if it was he wouldnt have said what he said about Iraq. According to him the occupation of Iraq is  the worst in American history. OK where is the joke? How did this guy rise to such a lofty position and not know a damn thing about history or historical context? I can name only three operations off the top of my head that went better than Iraq when it goes to occupation. The first would be Japan, the second is South Korea the third is Grenada. Our occupation of Germany was far far worse than Iraq, same for the American south, the American west, Cuba,  Haiti( not the latest incarnations but the ones in the early part of last century), Central America, and especially the Phillipines.

After 3 years of occupying the Phillipines we had a massive uprising which resulted  in 300,000 dead filipinos, 20000 dead filipino troops and 5000 dead Americans, and our occupation lasted until the end of WW2 but Iraq is worse than this right?

Maybe he was talking about foreign standing? He would be lying there also, in fact the Vietnam War was far worse for American foreign standing than Iraq is, or probably ever will be, at least in Iraq its hard for most foreign leaders to say Saddam should remain in power.  So remember whenever the left speaks look up the facts they will surprise until you notice the pattern of intended misleading and lies.

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