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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Ever see the media beside Fox ask why so many democrats are pro-Bush? We arent talking minor politicians either, I mean can you name a major Republican dumping Bush other than jumpin Jim Jeffords in 2001? I dont think its a minor thing either, sure there are some Republicans who dont care for Bush, some are the uber-right like Tom Clancy and some where the waivering middle of the party, they are the ones of the most concern to the Party but they are easily balanced by the Scoop-Jackson Democrats the ones who are almost completely liberal except on National Defense. The ones like Mayor Ed Koch, I have actually met quite a few of these types. These guys know what there party is about and what is happening to it, they are genuine liberals, not the negative name-sake by republicans type but ones who trully believe in there ideology and are honest about it. The ones who will tell you we will raise taxes on everybody, they are the ones ones with the fairest site, as far as democrats go anyways. I dont think Zell Miller is that major of a defection he is overrall a republican in a democrats clothing, he serves no better purpose than a strong mouth piece for us and as a major democrat who changed support. The Mayor Ed Koch is a different story, a liberal mayor from the largest liberal city in America supporting a moderately conservative president now thats a story that has legs but the mass media tend to ignore him much like they ignore Ron Silver in hollywood who says it best about Bush " He is a radical liberal, who is bucking the status quo on the middle east". If two liberals like them can change there minds and stick to it then there is hope that many more undecideds will join Bush.

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