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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


I have been watching the DNC convention and mostly its unremarkable save for the two americas the DNC talks about and there seeming turn to being pro-war. A lot of the phrases are the typical talking points, republicans want to starve your children yada yada.. But the one statement that has been repeated often and almost completley ignored is "Bring back our democracy" this is a very dangerous and fearful phrase clothed in seemingly obscurity.

Does this phrase mean democracy has been lost and we live in a dictatorship?

Does it mean that democracy is only for democrats?

Maybe they are just referring to 2000?

It seems to me they really need to explain this phrase. They continue to cry that Bush has divided America but instead of wishing to unite us they say half of America doesnt deserve democracy? Half of Americans are liars and thiefs? We starve children, we are nazis no better than Saddam, and they wish to unite us? Screw that.


How many lies have we heard this political season? 1 ? A dozen? To many to count? I know its an awful lot. Why just today I heard former UN Ambassador Holbrooke tell some big lies, maybe he was misleading it sure wasnt an opinion because if it was he wouldnt have said what he said about Iraq. According to him the occupation of Iraq is  the worst in American history. OK where is the joke? How did this guy rise to such a lofty position and not know a damn thing about history or historical context? I can name only three operations off the top of my head that went better than Iraq when it goes to occupation. The first would be Japan, the second is South Korea the third is Grenada. Our occupation of Germany was far far worse than Iraq, same for the American south, the American west, Cuba,  Haiti( not the latest incarnations but the ones in the early part of last century), Central America, and especially the Phillipines.

After 3 years of occupying the Phillipines we had a massive uprising which resulted  in 300,000 dead filipinos, 20000 dead filipino troops and 5000 dead Americans, and our occupation lasted until the end of WW2 but Iraq is worse than this right?

Maybe he was talking about foreign standing? He would be lying there also, in fact the Vietnam War was far worse for American foreign standing than Iraq is, or probably ever will be, at least in Iraq its hard for most foreign leaders to say Saddam should remain in power.  So remember whenever the left speaks look up the facts they will surprise until you notice the pattern of intended misleading and lies.


I am going to predict it right now, Kerry will receive a 3 point bounce, I am even willing to wager he will not break 50% as is customary after a convention. The convention is boring non-connective and at times weird.  I am an honest individual, I try to be anyways and unless speed is injected into the dims the next couple of days Clinton will be considered the highlight of this convention, he did a good job, even possibly great (chagrine).  I hate giving out tips, but if you guys wish to have an effect on the undecideds you need to spend less time on Bush  and 2000, stop living in the past and speak about the future and actually offer something rather than the tired "we will do better trust us" line. And another thing keep Teresa out of the spotlight. Could there have been a weirder boring speech?

I think now that the GOP is genius in how it planned its convention a month further ahead than the Dims, they really get a chance to tweak there rosters and fix whats missing from the dims convention. Not to mention that any bounce Kerry has from there convention will more than likely dissappear by the time the GOP comes around, which since it comes last will mean the bounce will have a better longer effect.

Wow was that speech weird or what? Teresa drink some coffee or maybe do some prescription speed. If she is an indication on how John Kerry will be watch out, possible poll drop? Nah but still I just cant get over how terrible it was. I know we arent supposed to pay attentio to the first ladies or use them to base our opinions on the primary candidate, but you cant help but wonder how much she has rubbed off on him.


Ever see the media beside Fox ask why so many democrats are pro-Bush? We arent talking minor politicians either, I mean can you name a major Republican dumping Bush other than jumpin Jim Jeffords in 2001? I dont think its a minor thing either, sure there are some Republicans who dont care for Bush, some are the uber-right like Tom Clancy and some where the waivering middle of the party, they are the ones of the most concern to the Party but they are easily balanced by the Scoop-Jackson Democrats the ones who are almost completely liberal except on National Defense. The ones like Mayor Ed Koch, I have actually met quite a few of these types. These guys know what there party is about and what is happening to it, they are genuine liberals, not the negative name-sake by republicans type but ones who trully believe in there ideology and are honest about it. The ones who will tell you we will raise taxes on everybody, they are the ones ones with the fairest site, as far as democrats go anyways. I dont think Zell Miller is that major of a defection he is overrall a republican in a democrats clothing, he serves no better purpose than a strong mouth piece for us and as a major democrat who changed support. The Mayor Ed Koch is a different story, a liberal mayor from the largest liberal city in America supporting a moderately conservative president now thats a story that has legs but the mass media tend to ignore him much like they ignore Ron Silver in hollywood who says it best about Bush " He is a radical liberal, who is bucking the status quo on the middle east". If two liberals like them can change there minds and stick to it then there is hope that many more undecideds will join Bush.


Well my little niece is doing much better. She is not in a coma anymore and in fact she stays awake a good part of the day. Doctors have performed several operations to help drain fluid from her brain and that seems to be making a difference. They have removed the breathing tubes from her. Soon they are hoping to replace the missing parts of her skull and start rehabilitation, lucky for her she is so young and really hasnt learned that much so hopefully, barring any mental problems unforeseen, she will start learning to be normal again.

Well the 9-11 report came out today, nothing real surprising in it, except they really didnt attack any one person, just an even handed attack across the board from congress to intelligence agencies.

Can anybody tell me that the NAACP is relevent anymore? Come one what did they expect ?They, a monolithic voting apparatus of the left side of the democratic party, expected President Bush, a moderate conservative republican, to appear after 4 years of name calling? Thats pretty stupid. Anybody remember what happened after the last time he appeared? Thats right they made a video saying Bush basically lynched a black man then they went on to call Bush a confederate and member of the Taliban. And that is the light part of there hate. If anything Bush should propose stripping the NAACP of all tax exempt status.

What about this Sandy Berger fluff up? On its face it seems pretty stupid but when you look deeper what was Sandy Berger covering up? And why are the dems so keen on blaming republicans on a democrats wrongdoing? Its simple Berger released to the press he was under investigation, not Bush. Kerry told him to do it, not Bush. The dems wanted to test the waters and see where it goes. Not to mention if the Republicans did it they would have waited until the DNC convention or even later closer to the election, no it was a DNC fluff campaign meant to cover Kerrys ass who, besides Clinton was the only person who could benefit from any top secret documents dissapearing.

Speaking of Clinton, I for one am one conservative who is tired of hearing other conservatives crying about him. Lets get over it guys its been four years now, let him be him. Otherwise we will be like the dims in the 90's who couldnt stop crying about Reagan and Bush 1. Remember they lost both houses.

Thats my words for the day. Sorry I havent been around lately but family and all.


Update on my niece Emma.

Doctors say she is in a coma, another says she isnt. There is still some bleeding in the back of her brain. They removed part of her front temporal lobe and periatal(sp?)lobe. Some good news is she responds to touch and when light is shined in her pupils they react. Doctors dont know yet how her brain functions will work if she recovers, her brain can compensate with the missing parts or it may not its a wait and see situation.

I am thinking of setting up a fund so my sister can devote all her time to Emma, if anybody knows how to do this email me.

Tom is still under arrest. Detectives believe he is telling 99.9% of the truth but they think he is holding out on 30 seconds on the events. Possibly he did something to aggravate it or maybe accidently caused it, either way the truth must come out. Keep the prayers coming.


Prayers needed!

Last night I received word that my 11 month old niece Emma fell off a couch and hit her head on a coffee table. She was taken to the hospital where they performed brain surgery removing parts of her brain. My sister Jaime has been through so much, having previously had two stillborn children due to a genetic disease not allowing her then husband to mate with her.

Anyways little Emma went through 8 hours of surgery and had her blood replaced a couple of times. She remains in critical condition, and probably will for a little while.

My sisters boyfriend has been charged with child abuse, I dont know what to think. I want to believe it was all an accident but I cannot rule out that even in the best of people the worst things are possible. I will try and update this often.


Personal updates. Well my mothers lung cancer seems to have gone into a radical recession. Previously scans had indicated a 3 cm tumor on her lung and spotting on her liver, after a few chemo treatments the liver spotting has disappeared and the tumor has shrunk to less than 1 cm.

My brother is still hanging tough in Iraq. I was counting in my head the other day and I realized I personally know well over 40 people over in Iraq. It seems I have far more invested over there than I realized. It makes me even more determined to help and make sure my sacrifices, my brothers and all of my friends do not go unnoticed and we see the job through. I would hate nothing more than to see the blood and sweat and emotions invested by me and my fellow soldiers thrown to waste because of politics. This is why its important that we maintain the course with President Bush.

I am still battling the VA. I have applied for Vocational Rehabilitation since my war injuries inhibit my current ability to maintain a job I am qualified at. I have also wrote a letter of disagreement. It seems that they feel the most damaged parts of me, my knees and hip are not worthy of compensation yet the fairly benign damage to my wrists is worthy of compensation. Heres the rundown for those who do not know. I was injured last year in Iraq near Fallujah, I fractured my right knee and right hip and left shin and caused nerve damage to my arms resulting in damage to my wrists I also lost conscience for a period of time. I would probably have recovered much better if my treatment had been proper right off the back(I walked around for two weeks after my injury with no brace or crutch)because the doctors in the field told me I was just bruised all the while they had x-rays showing that I indeed had fracture.

Oh Well, if I stay on it,it will be ironed out in the end.Well I guess thats my catch up for now. Oh before I forget I made a video out of my boredom its to the left and the link is titled choices video. If the link doesnt work email me and I will mail it to you. Its not a good video I suppose but it has Michael Moore and John Kerry saying similar quotes about no terrorism while the sounds of Allahu Akbar and a guy screaming fill in the sound.

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