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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


When the Pope slammed America's supposed self-centeredness I was taken aback. On moral issues he may have a point, but it still misses the mark. Does the Pope not recognize that in America we tend to not mix our morals as a national cause celeb? As much as the media may try and define us as such this is not the case in any sense. When the homosexual lobby began to shove its morals down everybody's throats we just didn't sit there and accept it, we attempt to fight and stop the advance. On abortion we are still at war to end it. None of these are an artifact of state designation or of a vast majority of Americans.

Most Americans cringe at the thought of Brittany Spears having influence on today's youth as we did with Madonna, and even with Elvis. The problem is I believe not with the American people but with our media and censorship laws. We can not legally fight these within the confines of our constitution,but we as conservatives and we as Christians need to lay in place a long term solution. We need to encourage our youth to become journalists and to become actors and musicians. Much as a sinful man comes to G-D by changing his heart, to affect real change in society you must change it from within.

We as Americans are some of the most selfless individuals in this world. We feed the hungry in our enemies own home, we send our own young to die for the right of not only protecting our own self interests but to give liberty and freedom a chance for somebody else. Even when a disease runs rampant in a part of the world most people wish to forget, we send our money to them so they may live better lives. Sure its true that as a percentage of our GDP our foreign aide is fairly low, but when you look at American charities you see the real goodwill and selflessness of the American heart. The US has only an estimated 60 million Catholics(out of an estimated 1.2 billion) yet they donate nearly 3 billion dollars a year to the Catholic Charities, more than any nation on this Earth. And they are just part in the cog of Americas charitable heart.

When we go to war we don't go as land grabbers for an Imperial throne. The only land we have asked in return for saving a nation from tyranny was enough to bury our dead and to build an Embassy. When we have won the day instead of kicking our enemy when down or looting its wealth we rebuild them ,we give them money , we help them to become a better people and a better nation. Sure we aren't perfect but the peace and prosperity in Europe, Japan and South Korea should be testament enough to our own selflessness.

In closing I want to say yes we are indeed in a battle for our moral soul right now in America but to label us as a nation of selfish people is in no small words wrong.

I know I promised to not breach this issue but I thought it was important enough to at least get my 2 cents out there.
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