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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


I don't really know him enough to write about him. I've maybe talked to
him twice, but I do know his brother who is 17 and that may be who came
up in your search. So I can't write an article but there was a Mike
Prysner that is 20 now, went to my school which is Sickles located in
Tampa, and was an army recruiter. Also why would Michael Moore lie? I
don't doubt that hes stretched the truth a few times and shown some
events out of order but that is in no way comparable to all the things
George Bush has done. I bet some people may write a bogus letter to him
and he reads it but doesnt check to see if he/she is even in the army.
My problem with Mike is that he isn't backing Nader this time and he is
so passionate about exposing the truth and attacking corrupt
corporations but he couldnt give a crap about his health. So since I
wrote an article for your website I think you should write an article
why he's so bad and include facts because I don't know of any.


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