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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Here is a nice little email from a lefty I have been communicating with, since he tried using AGITPROP on me let me respond in kind. His original writing is in bold, my responses are followed with (normal type)

Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 02:55:05 -0400
From: "Matt B" View Contact Details
To: "chris mack"
Subject: I dont give a shit about the nazi platform because it has nothing to do with the way I live or think (Having nothing to do with the way you live has nothing to do with the fact that you and the Nazi Party share many of the same ideals)

Wow 72 percent! What about lying to get us to go to war?(Thats an original one. How about the fact that we never signed a truce? Or the fact that he violated 17 UN resolutions? Or Vladimir Putins recent revelations? Or the fact that Clinton/Gore and a majority of EuropeanNations say he did in fact have WMD's? Nah you cant prove he lied, so you say he did anyways.)
Stealing the election with the help of his brother? ( Really have any proof of this? How about the fact that Gore himself
attempted to change the law using the Florida Supreme or the fact that the NyTimes and other newspapers performed there own recount and found out that no matter which way you count Bush still won. Or if Gore had just won his own home state he would be El Presidente right now) or the patriot act? taking away our rights? ( Really?Name one right YOU have lost because of it. Name just one. Of course your mind isnt complex enough to understand the fact that the Patriot Act is an extension of the RICO act signed into law by Carter and was used against Pro-Life Organizations to stop them from protesting under Bill Clinton) giving the rich and large corporations huge tax breaks? ( So I guess I am rich now since I received a tax-break? Wow didnt know that better call my creditors and let them know on this one. Everybody across the board received a tax-cut you moron, And what right is it of yours to say somebody is not allowed to keep there own money? I thought you "populists" believed in equality)and trying to eliminate the middle class(I COULD GO ALL DAY LONG!).(I bet you could, to bad you havent been right once. This is the first time I have ever heard such an outlandish accusation such as Bush wants to eliminate the middle class, that statement is so void of reality I will just let it stand on its own merits)
How about being an insane fundamentalist who believes he was appointed by god and thinks creationism should be taught in schools and in the end of days(which is why he is trashing the environment). ( Wow you are really grasping here, just like a Nazi to place names and false accusations on somebody. Radical Fundamentalist ha. Trash the environment to start the end of days, ha. I need to find out what you are smoking this is too good to miss.)
Also since you're in the army, how do you feel about him not attending the funeral of anyone thats died in Iraq (How do you know he hasnt. He visited me at Walter Reed and there wasnt a single member of the Press there. How about the fact Bush has talked to every single killed soldiers family over the phone or in person, ooh wait sorry reality hurts doesnt it) or cutting $600 million from the Veterans Administration budget which is already underfunded. ( Wow another regurgitated leftist lie. The fact that VA spending has gone way up under Bush must have escaped you here is a link that will help you out Fact Check
In his life he got mediocre grades in high school, got accepted to Yale and made horrible grades while he was there,(Horrible grades? Lol he did better than Gores D average and he never once flunked out like Gore did in Seminary school, wow this is incredible usually a lefty has better arguments) partied his way through it, and got arrested a few times(one for cocaine possesion, one for a dui and one he was drunk in public),(So what? Really who cares. Remember its not fair according to you guys to talk about a persons private life, hypocrite) went awol (actually its desertion) ( Actually neither, and you of all people are the least qualified to speak on this subject, I on the other hand know from experience and from reading his DOD paperwork know that he wasnt AWOL and most certainly was not desertion, you do not, ever, receive an Honorable discharge, ever, if you have went AWOL or deserted period, end of story. That his been debunked so many times it takes a real retard to continue claiming it)
from the Texas Air National Guard which is hard to get in to but not if daddy pulls a few strings for you so you don't have to get drafted after you graduate, and there is no proof of anyone seeing him there and this is documented with ( Yes there is plenty of proof Chomskyite, many of his superiors have come out and said yes they remember him)
superiors also saying they never saw him, ran an oil company( shit our vice president was the ceo for Haliburton, that explains so much right there), (Really some how it is now a sin to work? Wow this is a new one on me, I better call some friends who slave in oilfields to tell them to quit because it is a sin to work for a massive oil company, I guess you didnt know that Halliburton is the ONLY company of its kind that does the work it does but thats no biggy huh, just the facts) he was rich and pampered his whole life with everything handed to him, (So what, Kerry was too, along with many millions of other people, and for you to find problems with that says more about your own self loathing than any other thing. Not to mention there really hasnt been a single President who didnt come from a pampered background, maybe Reagan and Lincoln qualify but thats about it) executed the most people ever while being governor along with tons of other things he did I won't even get into. (Really? Wow I didnt know this, quick call the Press they just might want to hear this one. A Governor actually did all the executions wow,a new one I tell yah. Forget the fact the Governor doesnt sign execution orders,doesnt actually carry them out, doesnt work on the board that stops executions and did not sign the Texas execution law into existance, you just might have a point)
DON'T EVER underestimate my intelligence and discredit me ( Who needs to your own writing speaks for itself) because I'm young or try to guess what class I fall into because I work 2 jobs and I live with my dad in an apartment so I don't fall into either. (So what, boohoo the world owes you so much, get over yourself. This is a prime example of why liberalism is a failure. Reading into you sentence once can tell that you feel you are owed by soiety and since you are owed then other people MUST feel that way, classic pity me syndrome)
Joseph Kennedy was a democrat in the fucking 1800s(What? He is the father of JFK in the 1900's genius) and fuck Charles Lindbergh, I couldn't give a shit about either. I'm neither Republican or Democrat and I didn't support Clinton or Gore and I dont like Kerry.You can't even compare what Bush has done with Chomsky! He supposedly messed up numbers on the Vietnam war( is that all you have on him? ). ( Its called an example not a breakdown of all Chomsky has lied about you fricking dumbass, go continue and suck his nuts since you have an obvius problem with reality. If I wante to sit through and write all of Chomsky's distortion it would take me literally years)
You are so fucking ignorant and brainwashed (Really? Are you the same person that just wrote this email? And I am the one who is brainwashed, ha!)it's unbelievable. don't email me with another stupid fucking reply! (Such A Nice person, cant wait for your tolerant ass to become a leader someday, maybe you can study Saddam or Stalin to learn about pogroms)

As you can see this guy is a real piece of work. Thank god there are people like him to show the world the real left. I know I know I got a little touchy with the goon, but hey I figured its the only language this immature guy would understand.
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