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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


The world of international espionage and intrigue seems to be showing some life with the investigation of Ahmed Chalabi. Could America have been an unwitting tool used to destroy Saddams Regime on Irans behalf? Its quite possible, I suppose. The will and the heart was already present in the White House to take out Saddam they just lacked the specifics. They were fed the specifics by the likes of Chalabi and others.

So could it be our "superstars" in Iraq were double agents for Iran also? The possibility of this is quite intrigueing. Think about for a minute. Our spys in Iraq were feeding us intelligence on the ground as the war moved and began, could they have received orders from Iran to ignore certain aspects of Iraqi preperations, such as key weapon arsenals and other weapons caches? Allowing the weapons to leave country? Think about it. The only people who possibly had to gain was the Iranians and the Syrians if they were allowed to leave. They knew that if they fed the Bush administration enough info on WMD's they could make it a center piece of the war and forward thinking planners would recognize a geo-political victory in the making if one of the main points in the War were "proven" to be false or misleading.

Now by Iran playing a spy game of such delicate nuances is amazing. They took out there immediate enemy in Saddam and managed to stave off any future attacks by America out of that region by spoiling our victory. Interesting theories I suppose. This is something to keep your eyes out for, this also may coincide with the Oil for Food scandal and may be the reason why the investigation in Iraq moved from the Governing Council to The Supreme Islamic Bureau of Audits or something like that in Iraq.
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