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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Well the Nick Berg slaughter is getting curious. We find out he met Moussoui at OU, by chance, or was it? He had a copy of the Koran and an anti-semitic book. He was growing a islamist type of beard.He has a muslim relative in Mosul. He was also a technological genius. And when you notice in the video he doesnt seemed to care so much about his fate, as if maybe in his mind the video is rigged and he will just simply get up and go home after it.

His father is acting weird to. He tells the media the terrorists "killed there best friend". Really? I thought Mr Berg you said your son was a Bush supporter, maybe I was wrong? Well with Michael Bergs ties to ANSWER, a radical communist front group with suspected ties to terrorism and is supported by none other than George Soros who believes we should appease the terrorists anything is possible.

How can someone who couldnt actualy find work in Iraq, by most accounts anyways still make 70000 in a month? Michael Berg is calling for answers I think he should be the one questioned. What was your son doing there? Dont give us the line that he worked at the GOP national convention, and according to you and nobody else was a strong supporter of Bush, its all too convenient. You do not have to be a Republican to gain access to contracts at the National Convention.

Now some of the wildest theories are flying across the net lately, the cold hearted goons at the democraticunderground( a site notorious for whacky theories and calls for Bush's murder they even go so far as to rally employers to fire republican employees in a now infamous email) began spreading conspiracy theories before they even condemned the murder. One of the best is that the CIA killed him to get pressure off the Abu Ghraib abuses. Another is that he was CIA or even MOSSAD, now anybody with an inkling of intelligence would know that the terrorists would have hammered home the fact he was CIA or MOSSAD.

The most likely theory I have heard is that Berg,a possible shadow member of ANSWER went to Iraq to provide his services to the opposition, Berg going so far as to even grow a islamist beard and carrying with him a prayer rug and koran and a anti-semitic book to prove his authenticity. The FBI curious about his workings in Iraq and the fact that he had been picked up a second time by Iraqi police, question him not once but three times.After offering him transport home and Bergs refusal of it the FBI or another agency provided a tail on him to lead them to his conspirators, but Berg managed to dissapear on them. Berg meeting up with al-Zaqawi(sp?) decide to do another "hostage scenario" thinking that would play into there hands in the media, but something changed and Al-Zaqawi had different plans. The change was the Abu-Ghraib abuses, incensing the terrorists they decide to kill Berg as retaliation hoping to incite Arab support and to hopefully cause Americas will to whither. His father ghoulishly pounces on the political aspects of it back home and plays conveniently into the hands of the terrorists by declaring his son a Bush supporter(which if you read between the lines he is saying if you support Bush you will die like this) and that he himself was anti-war and anti-bush (quiet appeasement in the face of tragedy, could a sons death be slapped any harder?) his father going on to say that his sons death was caused by Bush and Rumsfield and that the "terrorists killed there best friend", what kind of statements are those?

I am going to choose to believe that Nick was simply a goodhearted guy trying to help make Iraq better and ended up being an innocent slaughtered.
If this is fiction I would hate to see the truth, after all the old saying is that the truth is always stranger than the fiction.
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