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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Well the Jihadis have murdered another innocent civilian in cold blood. In a very graphic video they beheaded Nick Berg a private contracter working to help Iraqis restore part of there country. But remember we are the bad guys. Wait a few guys were stripped naked and made to perform degrading acts, an action that is deplorable. But americans being burned alive and dragged through the streets isnt deplorable right? A prisoner has wires taped to his balls and a hood over his head, hmm while Jihadis make a man stating his name and family and then commence to sawing off his head on camera is alright. We are the bad guys right?

Thank you Hackworth I am anxiously waiting for more to come. I suggest you use dawn dishwashing detergent followed by a diluted solution of clorox to remove the blood stains from your hands. The same goes for the individuals who tortured prisoners and the Jihadis.

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