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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Rwanda was a world travesty that in sole part was caused by French malfeasance. The French with evidence decided to investigate themselves, it wasnt a open hearing no evidence was leaked to the press and surprise surprise the French found themselves innocent. In Germany there were thousands of reports of German soldiers and security guards punching,kicking raping and other "atrocities" against refugees layed out in the AI report. The Germans investigated themselves and once again in a surprise found themselves innocent, no pictures were released no hearings televised nothing was don. The world is full of these examples, from Canadian war-crimes in Somalia to French war-crimes in the Congo,Rwanda, Ivory Coast. The Sudan has butchered more than a million people, they have slavery and they also practice female circumcision. Very rarely will you ever see an open example of a country investigating themselves as you do in America.

So a question must be asked to the world, where are your open courts? Where are your condemnations?For Indonesians killing christians? Kenyans killing christians? Russians massacring Chechnyans? Chinese killing untold millions? The North Koreans? Venezuela? Columbia?Saudi Arabia? How about we use Sharia Law and start cutting off hands and feet or heads even? Will that appease the world? The world is full of hypocritical monsters from Paris to Islamabad. A handful of American soldiers stray from the pack and commit a crime that in most countries of the world wouldnt even make the back page, except that they are Americans and are now guilty without trial, sentenced with prejudice. The worlds media elite are so infatuated with this story and with there normal homoerotic flair will pound this into the ground and make up more stories,because now no matter the truth of the matter the people in Europe and the rest of the world are so ingrained with the half-truths of there media about America that no matter the charge it is true until disproven by somebody who isnt Bush's poodle, but when this guy steps up he will immediate become the enemy to them. There is no winning with these guys. Thats why the biggest mistake of this war is allowing the press full freedoms.
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