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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


One of the funniest things I have read in awhile is on the democratic underground, yeah that collection of freaks who judge anything and anyone they consider right of Ralph Nader, they were trying to figure out why rural areas lean conservative. They say that they are uneducated, poor, inbred, god,guns and gays. With that type of thinking I am afraid of spilling the beans on the truth but they of course will never figure it out even if it did come from a highly reputable source.

Lets look at education, they say republicans are uneducated. Especially in rural states well that simply isnt true. If you go to this link you will find out that rural states actually perform far better than largely urban states, except for a couple of southern states. http://www.centerdigitalgov.com/center/DS_IV_Ranking.doc

Kansas and South Dakota are tied for first in Higher education (both solidly republican)and South Dakota also leads in k-12 education.

While such liberal bastions as Minnesota and Vermont come in last in Higher Education.

Also there are more conservative authors and readers than there are liberals.

Standards of living are generally lower in conservative states with lower unemployment to boot. Conservative states also generally donate more to charities(real charities at that like feed the children not some pro-choice group). More conservatives volunteer time overseas to help poorer people.

The rural voters fear of gun control and big brother is solidly found in reality. oft-times the true stewards of the land are not hippies in New York who so rarely gets to truly enjoy the outdoors in all its beauty but conservatives who live breath and work the land. They have seen there rights overwhelmed constantly by elitists from the East Coast and California, who say a fish is more important than food that feeds people or a turtle or any number of animals. The will of the rural voter is often overlooked for feel gooders in Posh restaurants who want to help not the rurals but the Hemp hat wearing voting block in there own back yard.

The typical democrat is an insulated individual who has had his life defined by a million others in a hive mentality, basically urbanites who cant think for themselves. They do not see the harm in there practices and there views are always backed by there neighbor. Many of the activists are trustfund babies who do not know the meaning of the word work, and have been feeling guilty of there own surroundings. Of course rather than them spending there money on helping the misfortunate they will spend there money traveling the globe protesting and causing damage to cities the world over. It is part of the reason why moderate democrats and moderate conservatives make up the majorities in the US. Frankly the left is extremely scary, imagine a world ran by the likes of Michael Moore or George Soros, frightening.
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