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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Its very interesting to look at history and then look at Iraq. After we won the Spanish American War we had an uprising in the Phillipines 5 years after it resulting in the deaths of thousands of Americans and 100's of thousands of Filipinos yet we managed to qualsh and rule it. After WW1 however the world decided to not occupy the conquered which inevitably led to WW2. It took 7 years to quiet Germany after WW2 and roughly the same time for Japan. They were not easy, there deaths and the media and people questioned whether or not we were winning the peace there. Well history has proven out that in fact yes we did.

Now look at Iraq a war that took a little over a month to win. Now we are trying to win the peace. In all comparisons Iraq looks much better at this point in time than either Germany or Japan. But the media will never ever let you in on that. They dont want you to know how its going over there, as long as it bleeds it leads and if bleeds in Iraq its trouble for Bush. This war will never be won over in Iraq as long as its being lost in the media over here. But lets say tommorow the election was held and John F'n Kerry won. Do you think it would get better? ZNo the situation in Iraq wouldnt change but its guaranteed the media perceptions of it would, as well with the economy and other things.Thousands of soldiers write there parents, friends, media outlets and congressman everyday outraged at the unfair and slanted media coverage the war receives but nobody pays attention to them unless they are the few who speak out against it like Lt Rieckhoffer. Michael Fatass Moore has a link on his crappage to what he calls "what soldiers really think", well Mr Moore if we really think the way those soldiers do then why do you only have 5 letters? Its very understandable that in a military with over 2.5 million people that there would be a difference of opinions and politics, but the majority of soldiers stand solidly behind there president and this war. I know this soldier does.
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