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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


I have been bantering around the idea of writing a novel. Now I know I am not a very good writer, my composition,paragraph and sentence structure skills are lacking. Also I tend to mix up simple words like there, they're and their, which I assume many people do. But I am always imagining geat things.

One book Idea I have is about a soldier who goes to a war and gets injured and upon his return he finds out the media has turned a war he so strongly believes in into a mockery. Upset with this and after he is healed and released from the military he returns to the wartorn country and begins a life of philanthropy and help. After a few months being there he is assaulted and kidnapped by radicals. Much like Nick Berg he is paraded in front of a camera and butchered, but upon his death a miraculous thing happens he is instantly reborn as an Angel of G-D, not just any Angel either. He becomes an instrument of destruction on a mission from G-D. The mission is fairly simple, by his destructive ways he is to convert the world into Christians as G-D's last ditch effort at staving off the Armeggidon.

He immediately destroys many capital cities in Europe and the World, including the Cities of San Francisco and New York to show the world G-D's seriousness. A side part of all this is the soldiers personal struggles in understanding why he was the one chosen for this task, he reviews all of his sins and failings as a human.

Another story I have been thinking about is about a Christian Minister in Alabama. He receives a communicae from a otherworldly source showing him a planet that is perfect in most ways imaginable. The directions from this source to build ships capable of universal travel and to begin a exodus of all solid christians, who are good in there faith with the lord. Side struggles will include who is defined as a solid Christian, the liberal media mockery of there plans and attempts to steal there spaceship(s). It is goinf to be sort of a different type of tribulation and rapture story, instead of a massive mysterious dissapearance they board ships much like noah and leave to begin a whole new civilization based on there ideals.
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