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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


I cant begin to describe my disgust at how the Iraqi prisoners have been treated, sure these guys are bad guys but they still deserved to be treated like humans. The BS line that the guards are using that they didnt have proper training is BS, they like me had been givin a EPW and Geneva Conventions class on how to treat EPW's. Not to mention many of these guys are actual prison guards in the real world so they knew how to treat people.

Its hard to say but these guys may need to face a firing squad, there actions are of such disgust that they may need to be killed for the greater good. For one there actions may lead to the deaths of hundreds of people. They have harmed even further a already fractured relationship with the middle east. And they may have cause a large amount of Iraqis who had trust in us to lose that trust. Not good, just not good.
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