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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Did people notice today how eagerly the world jumped on the accusation that Americans killed 40 people at a wedding? Did you notice how little attention the DOD's version got?

Which is more believable? A group of Iraqis and Foreigners were up at 3AM celebrating a wedding and shooting weapons in celebration all in a remote house 25 km from the Syrian border, in an are where suspected terorists and anti-coalition forces tend to co-habitate.Having in there possesion lots of weapons,rpg's passports and millions of dollars of dinars.

Or the US on a tip venture there and come under heavy fire and decide to destroy the building and its occupants.

Did anybody else notice that the "victims" were exceptionally quick, even for Islamic tradition to bury the dead?

Just some thought.
One of these days I will give my war story and my experiences with Iraq,Kuwait and some Spaniards I ran into in Rota, Spain.
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