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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


On this Memorial Day I cant help but feel saddened at the current state of affairs in politics. John Kerry today couldnt help himself by making a partisan political statement. This is sad, if this man wishes to be CIC he needs to learn how to stop politics. To use a day of rememberance of those who have died in the past to attack a sitting President is reprehensible. Unfortunately the press will not scold him the way he should be. Another piece of concern is the double speak by Democrats. While good men are dying they debate on how much the war has cost, every single congressman and senator should be standing behing there servicemen and leave politics out of funding. Its alright to question how much and where its spent, but to make it a political issue is another thing.


I have been bantering around the idea of writing a novel. Now I know I am not a very good writer, my composition,paragraph and sentence structure skills are lacking. Also I tend to mix up simple words like there, they're and their, which I assume many people do. But I am always imagining geat things.

One book Idea I have is about a soldier who goes to a war and gets injured and upon his return he finds out the media has turned a war he so strongly believes in into a mockery. Upset with this and after he is healed and released from the military he returns to the wartorn country and begins a life of philanthropy and help. After a few months being there he is assaulted and kidnapped by radicals. Much like Nick Berg he is paraded in front of a camera and butchered, but upon his death a miraculous thing happens he is instantly reborn as an Angel of G-D, not just any Angel either. He becomes an instrument of destruction on a mission from G-D. The mission is fairly simple, by his destructive ways he is to convert the world into Christians as G-D's last ditch effort at staving off the Armeggidon.

He immediately destroys many capital cities in Europe and the World, including the Cities of San Francisco and New York to show the world G-D's seriousness. A side part of all this is the soldiers personal struggles in understanding why he was the one chosen for this task, he reviews all of his sins and failings as a human.

Another story I have been thinking about is about a Christian Minister in Alabama. He receives a communicae from a otherworldly source showing him a planet that is perfect in most ways imaginable. The directions from this source to build ships capable of universal travel and to begin a exodus of all solid christians, who are good in there faith with the lord. Side struggles will include who is defined as a solid Christian, the liberal media mockery of there plans and attempts to steal there spaceship(s). It is goinf to be sort of a different type of tribulation and rapture story, instead of a massive mysterious dissapearance they board ships much like noah and leave to begin a whole new civilization based on there ideals.


A. All wars are aggresive
B. PG2 is a continuation of PG1, we have never signed a truce with Iraq, legal fact. Saddam broke the conditions of the ceasefire not just one time but seventeen times making the war legally justifiable in any court.
C. The media will bring out every single conservative who disagrees with Iraq to make Bush look bad, they will not however bring out any liberals who support Bush and are against Kerry (Miller,Silver, Hitchens etc....hell even the marxists in the UK came out in support of the war)
D. The artist who came out in support of the Dixie Chicks and created many anti-war songs, including one about Johnny Taliban is Steve Earle.
E. And those who continue to call Toby Keith an uber rightwing fascist ought to know he is a registered democrat who is conservative in some areas and liberal in others(like drugs and taxes)
F. If you think for one minute that Zinni and Clancy would vote for Kerry you are deluded they will however not vote at all if they continue to feel this way about Bush.
G. The same goes for many extreme right wingers, many of whom the Republican party can do without.


One of the funniest things I have read in awhile is on the democratic underground, yeah that collection of freaks who judge anything and anyone they consider right of Ralph Nader, they were trying to figure out why rural areas lean conservative. They say that they are uneducated, poor, inbred, god,guns and gays. With that type of thinking I am afraid of spilling the beans on the truth but they of course will never figure it out even if it did come from a highly reputable source.

Lets look at education, they say republicans are uneducated. Especially in rural states well that simply isnt true. If you go to this link you will find out that rural states actually perform far better than largely urban states, except for a couple of southern states. http://www.centerdigitalgov.com/center/DS_IV_Ranking.doc

Kansas and South Dakota are tied for first in Higher education (both solidly republican)and South Dakota also leads in k-12 education.

While such liberal bastions as Minnesota and Vermont come in last in Higher Education.

Also there are more conservative authors and readers than there are liberals.

Standards of living are generally lower in conservative states with lower unemployment to boot. Conservative states also generally donate more to charities(real charities at that like feed the children not some pro-choice group). More conservatives volunteer time overseas to help poorer people.

The rural voters fear of gun control and big brother is solidly found in reality. oft-times the true stewards of the land are not hippies in New York who so rarely gets to truly enjoy the outdoors in all its beauty but conservatives who live breath and work the land. They have seen there rights overwhelmed constantly by elitists from the East Coast and California, who say a fish is more important than food that feeds people or a turtle or any number of animals. The will of the rural voter is often overlooked for feel gooders in Posh restaurants who want to help not the rurals but the Hemp hat wearing voting block in there own back yard.

The typical democrat is an insulated individual who has had his life defined by a million others in a hive mentality, basically urbanites who cant think for themselves. They do not see the harm in there practices and there views are always backed by there neighbor. Many of the activists are trustfund babies who do not know the meaning of the word work, and have been feeling guilty of there own surroundings. Of course rather than them spending there money on helping the misfortunate they will spend there money traveling the globe protesting and causing damage to cities the world over. It is part of the reason why moderate democrats and moderate conservatives make up the majorities in the US. Frankly the left is extremely scary, imagine a world ran by the likes of Michael Moore or George Soros, frightening.


The world of international espionage and intrigue seems to be showing some life with the investigation of Ahmed Chalabi. Could America have been an unwitting tool used to destroy Saddams Regime on Irans behalf? Its quite possible, I suppose. The will and the heart was already present in the White House to take out Saddam they just lacked the specifics. They were fed the specifics by the likes of Chalabi and others.

So could it be our "superstars" in Iraq were double agents for Iran also? The possibility of this is quite intrigueing. Think about for a minute. Our spys in Iraq were feeding us intelligence on the ground as the war moved and began, could they have received orders from Iran to ignore certain aspects of Iraqi preperations, such as key weapon arsenals and other weapons caches? Allowing the weapons to leave country? Think about it. The only people who possibly had to gain was the Iranians and the Syrians if they were allowed to leave. They knew that if they fed the Bush administration enough info on WMD's they could make it a center piece of the war and forward thinking planners would recognize a geo-political victory in the making if one of the main points in the War were "proven" to be false or misleading.

Now by Iran playing a spy game of such delicate nuances is amazing. They took out there immediate enemy in Saddam and managed to stave off any future attacks by America out of that region by spoiling our victory. Interesting theories I suppose. This is something to keep your eyes out for, this also may coincide with the Oil for Food scandal and may be the reason why the investigation in Iraq moved from the Governing Council to The Supreme Islamic Bureau of Audits or something like that in Iraq.


Did people notice today how eagerly the world jumped on the accusation that Americans killed 40 people at a wedding? Did you notice how little attention the DOD's version got?

Which is more believable? A group of Iraqis and Foreigners were up at 3AM celebrating a wedding and shooting weapons in celebration all in a remote house 25 km from the Syrian border, in an are where suspected terorists and anti-coalition forces tend to co-habitate.Having in there possesion lots of weapons,rpg's passports and millions of dollars of dinars.

Or the US on a tip venture there and come under heavy fire and decide to destroy the building and its occupants.

Did anybody else notice that the "victims" were exceptionally quick, even for Islamic tradition to bury the dead?

Just some thought.
One of these days I will give my war story and my experiences with Iraq,Kuwait and some Spaniards I ran into in Rota, Spain.


Rwanda was a world travesty that in sole part was caused by French malfeasance. The French with evidence decided to investigate themselves, it wasnt a open hearing no evidence was leaked to the press and surprise surprise the French found themselves innocent. In Germany there were thousands of reports of German soldiers and security guards punching,kicking raping and other "atrocities" against refugees layed out in the AI report. The Germans investigated themselves and once again in a surprise found themselves innocent, no pictures were released no hearings televised nothing was don. The world is full of these examples, from Canadian war-crimes in Somalia to French war-crimes in the Congo,Rwanda, Ivory Coast. The Sudan has butchered more than a million people, they have slavery and they also practice female circumcision. Very rarely will you ever see an open example of a country investigating themselves as you do in America.

So a question must be asked to the world, where are your open courts? Where are your condemnations?For Indonesians killing christians? Kenyans killing christians? Russians massacring Chechnyans? Chinese killing untold millions? The North Koreans? Venezuela? Columbia?Saudi Arabia? How about we use Sharia Law and start cutting off hands and feet or heads even? Will that appease the world? The world is full of hypocritical monsters from Paris to Islamabad. A handful of American soldiers stray from the pack and commit a crime that in most countries of the world wouldnt even make the back page, except that they are Americans and are now guilty without trial, sentenced with prejudice. The worlds media elite are so infatuated with this story and with there normal homoerotic flair will pound this into the ground and make up more stories,because now no matter the truth of the matter the people in Europe and the rest of the world are so ingrained with the half-truths of there media about America that no matter the charge it is true until disproven by somebody who isnt Bush's poodle, but when this guy steps up he will immediate become the enemy to them. There is no winning with these guys. Thats why the biggest mistake of this war is allowing the press full freedoms.


I put up an interesting link to a article explaining why Hitler was a socialist. A very interesting and good read.


[edited 7 June 2004]
I have been studying Michael Fatass Moores letters from soldiers and I have come to one conclusion, most if not all of them are fake. Many of the letters do not even have names a soldier Jerry Oliver states he received a honorable valor discharge, say Jerry is that a new type of discharge I have yet heard of? And how did you manage to only serve three years and not have a reserve commitment Jerry? BTW he isnt in the Army Database.

So once again take anything Michael Fatass Moores says with a grain of salt.

I do not doubt some of the letters are real, but I guarantee some of them are not or are misrepresented by the senders. Besides somebody may need to read those soldiers who are telling the truth article 88 of the UCMJ that will straighten them up.
Its very interesting to look at history and then look at Iraq. After we won the Spanish American War we had an uprising in the Phillipines 5 years after it resulting in the deaths of thousands of Americans and 100's of thousands of Filipinos yet we managed to qualsh and rule it. After WW1 however the world decided to not occupy the conquered which inevitably led to WW2. It took 7 years to quiet Germany after WW2 and roughly the same time for Japan. They were not easy, there deaths and the media and people questioned whether or not we were winning the peace there. Well history has proven out that in fact yes we did.

Now look at Iraq a war that took a little over a month to win. Now we are trying to win the peace. In all comparisons Iraq looks much better at this point in time than either Germany or Japan. But the media will never ever let you in on that. They dont want you to know how its going over there, as long as it bleeds it leads and if bleeds in Iraq its trouble for Bush. This war will never be won over in Iraq as long as its being lost in the media over here. But lets say tommorow the election was held and John F'n Kerry won. Do you think it would get better? ZNo the situation in Iraq wouldnt change but its guaranteed the media perceptions of it would, as well with the economy and other things.Thousands of soldiers write there parents, friends, media outlets and congressman everyday outraged at the unfair and slanted media coverage the war receives but nobody pays attention to them unless they are the few who speak out against it like Lt Rieckhoffer. Michael Fatass Moore has a link on his crappage to what he calls "what soldiers really think", well Mr Moore if we really think the way those soldiers do then why do you only have 5 letters? Its very understandable that in a military with over 2.5 million people that there would be a difference of opinions and politics, but the majority of soldiers stand solidly behind there president and this war. I know this soldier does.


Well the Nick Berg slaughter is getting curious. We find out he met Moussoui at OU, by chance, or was it? He had a copy of the Koran and an anti-semitic book. He was growing a islamist type of beard.He has a muslim relative in Mosul. He was also a technological genius. And when you notice in the video he doesnt seemed to care so much about his fate, as if maybe in his mind the video is rigged and he will just simply get up and go home after it.

His father is acting weird to. He tells the media the terrorists "killed there best friend". Really? I thought Mr Berg you said your son was a Bush supporter, maybe I was wrong? Well with Michael Bergs ties to ANSWER, a radical communist front group with suspected ties to terrorism and is supported by none other than George Soros who believes we should appease the terrorists anything is possible.

How can someone who couldnt actualy find work in Iraq, by most accounts anyways still make 70000 in a month? Michael Berg is calling for answers I think he should be the one questioned. What was your son doing there? Dont give us the line that he worked at the GOP national convention, and according to you and nobody else was a strong supporter of Bush, its all too convenient. You do not have to be a Republican to gain access to contracts at the National Convention.

Now some of the wildest theories are flying across the net lately, the cold hearted goons at the democraticunderground( a site notorious for whacky theories and calls for Bush's murder they even go so far as to rally employers to fire republican employees in a now infamous email) began spreading conspiracy theories before they even condemned the murder. One of the best is that the CIA killed him to get pressure off the Abu Ghraib abuses. Another is that he was CIA or even MOSSAD, now anybody with an inkling of intelligence would know that the terrorists would have hammered home the fact he was CIA or MOSSAD.

The most likely theory I have heard is that Berg,a possible shadow member of ANSWER went to Iraq to provide his services to the opposition, Berg going so far as to even grow a islamist beard and carrying with him a prayer rug and koran and a anti-semitic book to prove his authenticity. The FBI curious about his workings in Iraq and the fact that he had been picked up a second time by Iraqi police, question him not once but three times.After offering him transport home and Bergs refusal of it the FBI or another agency provided a tail on him to lead them to his conspirators, but Berg managed to dissapear on them. Berg meeting up with al-Zaqawi(sp?) decide to do another "hostage scenario" thinking that would play into there hands in the media, but something changed and Al-Zaqawi had different plans. The change was the Abu-Ghraib abuses, incensing the terrorists they decide to kill Berg as retaliation hoping to incite Arab support and to hopefully cause Americas will to whither. His father ghoulishly pounces on the political aspects of it back home and plays conveniently into the hands of the terrorists by declaring his son a Bush supporter(which if you read between the lines he is saying if you support Bush you will die like this) and that he himself was anti-war and anti-bush (quiet appeasement in the face of tragedy, could a sons death be slapped any harder?) his father going on to say that his sons death was caused by Bush and Rumsfield and that the "terrorists killed there best friend", what kind of statements are those?

I am going to choose to believe that Nick was simply a goodhearted guy trying to help make Iraq better and ended up being an innocent slaughtered.
If this is fiction I would hate to see the truth, after all the old saying is that the truth is always stranger than the fiction.


Well the Jihadis have murdered another innocent civilian in cold blood. In a very graphic video they beheaded Nick Berg a private contracter working to help Iraqis restore part of there country. But remember we are the bad guys. Wait a few guys were stripped naked and made to perform degrading acts, an action that is deplorable. But americans being burned alive and dragged through the streets isnt deplorable right? A prisoner has wires taped to his balls and a hood over his head, hmm while Jihadis make a man stating his name and family and then commence to sawing off his head on camera is alright. We are the bad guys right?

Thank you Hackworth I am anxiously waiting for more to come. I suggest you use dawn dishwashing detergent followed by a diluted solution of clorox to remove the blood stains from your hands. The same goes for the individuals who tortured prisoners and the Jihadis.


Well we found out that David Hackworth was the reason the photos got released. What a shame, I am not going to say that the American people didnt have a right to see those pictures but I will say it was wrong for them to go public. In my mind Hackworth, the self proclaimed fighter for enlisted rights did more damage to his beloved military than ever by anybody since Kerry in Vietnam. What a shame.How can a man who proclaims such adorationdo this to the military. He knows what he has done. He has impugned the military to fight. He has put a roadblock in our way to victory. All because he hates this president all because he disagrees with this war. I guess in Hackworths mind it is better to sacrifice in Americans lives to prove a political point than to help those who are already commited to a good fight. Shame on you Hackworth, may god have mercy on your soul.


I cant begin to describe my disgust at how the Iraqi prisoners have been treated, sure these guys are bad guys but they still deserved to be treated like humans. The BS line that the guards are using that they didnt have proper training is BS, they like me had been givin a EPW and Geneva Conventions class on how to treat EPW's. Not to mention many of these guys are actual prison guards in the real world so they knew how to treat people.

Its hard to say but these guys may need to face a firing squad, there actions are of such disgust that they may need to be killed for the greater good. For one there actions may lead to the deaths of hundreds of people. They have harmed even further a already fractured relationship with the middle east. And they may have cause a large amount of Iraqis who had trust in us to lose that trust. Not good, just not good.

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