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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Well Spain pulled out of the coalition, no surprise really except that Zapatero lied to us saying he would keep his troops there until June 30, too bad the brave troops of Spain have to live with the shame of belonging to a cowardly country, it wont take long for the Spanish people to regret ever voting in Zapatero, this guy has dictator written all over him, but like they say you get the government you deserve.

Of course the EU by and large is a large disgusting body of anti-Americans, attempting to change our political process by economically campaigning for the POS Kerry not to mention the Crap Weasel countries of France and Germany receiving bribes from Saddam to not support the US, along with Russia, but what will happen is the world community and press will some how find a way to blame Bush or America for there own disgusting behavior. France and Russia both have the blood of Americans and Iraqis on there hands because of there greed.
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