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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Today we here news of Pat Tillman the Arizona Cardinal who gave up a multi-million dollar contract to serve in the US Army Rangers has passed away. God Bless him.

He is I believe a true hero. That word hero is oft times thrown around like so much confetti but is rarely place in true context. But a man, any man, who serves and dies is deserving of that honor in name. For low pay, rough surroundings, sleep deprivation, occasionaly hunger and thirst a hero is willing to put up with all of that and still carry that burden of responsibility on his shoulders, that burden is freedom. Pat Tillman could have chose wealth, he could have chose comfort he could have chose the relative safety of football and home life and he gave it all up for us. For a cause that to him was worth dying for. The world of athletics can learn something about Pat and what a real hero is. The world of the elites could stand to learn something too, there are things greater than personal politics and nitch causes such as abortion and trees.

Today heaven got a new Angel, there is a Ranger Leading the Way.
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