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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


My Letter to Sen Kerry:

I dont know about other people but I am sick and tired of Kerry. Everytime anybody makes any sort of criticism of him he says they are attacking his patriotism and that he served in Vietnam. I have yet to hear one single person on the Bush team once attack Kerrys war time service, not once.

Sorry Kerry but simply serving does not excuse you from your years of lies and deceit. Lee Harvey Oswald served with some distinction, Timothy McVeigh served with distinction, Kerry you served with distinction. You cannot use your war service as cover for post war issues. It is like a Priest who abused a child saying he had twenty good years behind him, its a shameful deflection and you need to stop it immediately. You insult the memories of those who have served and who have died, do yourself and the nation a favor and quit doing it.
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