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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


I have always been interested in prophecy, especially biblical prophecy. It seems to me that if you are a believer that many signs today point towards the End of Days. So I take heart to having read biblical scripture and prophecy to know that Iraq will be rebuilt much stronger than what it is now, and in fairly short time on the historical scale possibly taking only 3-5 years. The sad part to me as an American is to know that the UN or another world or large geo-political body will receive the praise and glory for that and will be the progenetor of Babylon rising. Also with this strong new Iraq, Syria along with Iran and Saudi Arabia will be turned into faux-democracies and will even sign peace treaties with Israel after Israel capitulates land back to the Palestinians, including Jerusalem, at least half of Jerusalem all this by the guidance of the abomination of desolation or the anti-christ, I wont try to guess who he is or where he will come from. Many say he will arise from palestine or the middle east some others say Europe, if I had to guess he will come out of Israel and will be an Israeli possibly a PM. Thats what makes prophecy so fantastic is the unkown and the thought that maybe I can, unlike many other before, understand and disseminate the facts that points towards the end.

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