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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Here is some info most people do not or do not want you to know. If tomorrow the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade, abortion would not dissapear. In fact abortion laws would go down to State levels and State Laws. The fact of the matter is the feminist want abortion to be mandated by federal law so that they have a national issue to project there other communist stances, abortion to them is the stepping stone to bigger government, bigger taxes and secularism.

The view of the left is simple, if one woman wants an abortion in say North Dakota than the majority of North Dakotans must allow her to have it, no matter how much it stands in the way of Dakotans personal beliefs. They use the guise of the Civil Rights era to put a shame complex on a majority.

I have met a few women who say they would never have an abortion, but if another one wants one we shouldnt stop them. I believe thats the only prevailing wind keeping abortion from being overturned on a national level, its the people who do not have the conviction of there beliefs that keep it from overturning.

The arguments for abortion can be very compelling. Rape, Incest, birth defects, womens health are all pretty compelling. But the one issue they use to trump all of those is the most heinous, selfishness or in other words Right to Choose. I dont believe in abortion, but the pro-murdereres probably would have a better time convincing people if they werent so incredibly self centered and selfish. Look at who has abortions, its not the poor, its not the sick, its the middle class girl who doesnt want stretch marks or the girl who is just starting her career and doesnt want to be bogged down with a bothersome baby, its the actress whos beauty matters only to her own conceited self thats who are the baby killers. This is just my two cents on this issue, after all I am just a man.
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