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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


For thousands of years evil has coalesced only in a relatively small area of the world. That would be Europe. From Ancient Rome to Alexander the Great to Napolean and Hitler, most of the worlds deaths in wars arent do to religion they are do to European quest for power. Marxism, the father ideology of Communism and Socialism began there, resulting in at least a 100 million deaths. The great religious wars began in Europe from the Crusades to the 30 year wars. So when we hear European complaint about American aggresion one must always take it with a grain of salt.

Europeans are so crippled by there history that they would prefer to keep despots like Saddam Hussein in power rather than remove him, much like they did to Milosivec. The funny thing is, is that these very same actions are what lead to WW2. The European quest for peace led them to ignore the greatest danger of there time in the 1930's. The scariest thought of it all is that one looking at there history can only come to one conclusion, the European Union will be the worlds greatest aggresors in this century.

Who will they be aggresive against? The US of course. They view us and despise us, they believe we are the greatest cause of all that ills the world and with there increasig Muslim population that hate will only grow. America needs to work quickly to discover new friendship groups that can replace the EU and Canada. We need to work on increasing our trade relationships with South America and Asia, although Asia will need considerably less work. South America may hate us quite a bit, but they are an easier template to work with than Europe. We need to rethink our priorities in this world and the first thing we need to do is consider Europe the enemy that it already is.
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