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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


For thousands of years evil has coalesced only in a relatively small area of the world. That would be Europe. From Ancient Rome to Alexander the Great to Napolean and Hitler, most of the worlds deaths in wars arent do to religion they are do to European quest for power. Marxism, the father ideology of Communism and Socialism began there, resulting in at least a 100 million deaths. The great religious wars began in Europe from the Crusades to the 30 year wars. So when we hear European complaint about American aggresion one must always take it with a grain of salt.

Europeans are so crippled by there history that they would prefer to keep despots like Saddam Hussein in power rather than remove him, much like they did to Milosivec. The funny thing is, is that these very same actions are what lead to WW2. The European quest for peace led them to ignore the greatest danger of there time in the 1930's. The scariest thought of it all is that one looking at there history can only come to one conclusion, the European Union will be the worlds greatest aggresors in this century.

Who will they be aggresive against? The US of course. They view us and despise us, they believe we are the greatest cause of all that ills the world and with there increasig Muslim population that hate will only grow. America needs to work quickly to discover new friendship groups that can replace the EU and Canada. We need to work on increasing our trade relationships with South America and Asia, although Asia will need considerably less work. South America may hate us quite a bit, but they are an easier template to work with than Europe. We need to rethink our priorities in this world and the first thing we need to do is consider Europe the enemy that it already is.
Here is some info most people do not or do not want you to know. If tomorrow the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade, abortion would not dissapear. In fact abortion laws would go down to State levels and State Laws. The fact of the matter is the feminist want abortion to be mandated by federal law so that they have a national issue to project there other communist stances, abortion to them is the stepping stone to bigger government, bigger taxes and secularism.

The view of the left is simple, if one woman wants an abortion in say North Dakota than the majority of North Dakotans must allow her to have it, no matter how much it stands in the way of Dakotans personal beliefs. They use the guise of the Civil Rights era to put a shame complex on a majority.

I have met a few women who say they would never have an abortion, but if another one wants one we shouldnt stop them. I believe thats the only prevailing wind keeping abortion from being overturned on a national level, its the people who do not have the conviction of there beliefs that keep it from overturning.

The arguments for abortion can be very compelling. Rape, Incest, birth defects, womens health are all pretty compelling. But the one issue they use to trump all of those is the most heinous, selfishness or in other words Right to Choose. I dont believe in abortion, but the pro-murdereres probably would have a better time convincing people if they werent so incredibly self centered and selfish. Look at who has abortions, its not the poor, its not the sick, its the middle class girl who doesnt want stretch marks or the girl who is just starting her career and doesnt want to be bogged down with a bothersome baby, its the actress whos beauty matters only to her own conceited self thats who are the baby killers. This is just my two cents on this issue, after all I am just a man.


Well my mother has Stage 4 Small Cell Lung Cancer, they do not really know yet whether or not it has spread to other organs, I pray it hasnt. I hear that Small Cell reacts good to chemo, so thats a prayer plus with the news that a drug company has created a drug that prevents the spread of lung cancer, so hopefully her 5% survival rate will turn into a 50% or better. She is strong and is a fighter, her sister, my aunt, survived stage 4 breast cancer so the fight is in her blood.


My Letter to Sen Kerry:

I dont know about other people but I am sick and tired of Kerry. Everytime anybody makes any sort of criticism of him he says they are attacking his patriotism and that he served in Vietnam. I have yet to hear one single person on the Bush team once attack Kerrys war time service, not once.

Sorry Kerry but simply serving does not excuse you from your years of lies and deceit. Lee Harvey Oswald served with some distinction, Timothy McVeigh served with distinction, Kerry you served with distinction. You cannot use your war service as cover for post war issues. It is like a Priest who abused a child saying he had twenty good years behind him, its a shameful deflection and you need to stop it immediately. You insult the memories of those who have served and who have died, do yourself and the nation a favor and quit doing it.


Michael Moore is collecting videotape of soldiers in Iraq who agree with him and his positions, behind the Armies back. Those of you who do not know, but it is against UCMJ and current policy in Iraq for soldiers to give on camera interviews without permission from a PAO, this includes opinions.

Heres is the excerpt from his toadness site.

I currently have two cameramen/reporters doing work for me in Iraq for my movie (unbeknownst to the Army). They are talking to soldiers and gathering the true sentiment about what is really going on.

Moore has gone from being a opinionated leftist hate mongerer to aiding and abetting known enemies of the state. His film will place my brother, my fellow soldiers and peace loving Iraqis in harms way. He will be putting ammunition into the hands of what he calls "Revolutionairies who are winning" and "Iraqi Minutemen". I have attempted to write Mr Moore a dozen times today but his email is "full", so I have written news outlets. We cannot lie down on this, if Moore is allowed to complete this film project he will be worse than Hanoi Jane.

A question that was recently asked to me is why Pat Tillman is receiving so much attention. The answer is simple, he was something that has been missing in this country. He had the American dream, everything a person could want, fame wealth and security and he gave it up for you and me. Its very simple to recognize, even soldiers serving and the parents of the deceased recognize what he has done. He put a face to the fallen, to the forgotten war and the public war, to many Arizonans they feel they have lost a son. No we arent saying he is more important than our other dead heroes, but his story is different.

He wasnt forced to join, like many other stars of old, he volunteered, he has in one fell swoop made hollywood and proffesional sports look like insignificant ants. How many of us would say you would give up millions to serve this country? Not many.

I hear that some democrats are trying to politicize his death, thats sad. That is something I am sure Pat would never allow to happen. I wouldnt be surprised to find out that Pat wasnt a registered member of either party, just a simple American willing to serve and die for you and me, for a cause he believed in.


Today we here news of Pat Tillman the Arizona Cardinal who gave up a multi-million dollar contract to serve in the US Army Rangers has passed away. God Bless him.

He is I believe a true hero. That word hero is oft times thrown around like so much confetti but is rarely place in true context. But a man, any man, who serves and dies is deserving of that honor in name. For low pay, rough surroundings, sleep deprivation, occasionaly hunger and thirst a hero is willing to put up with all of that and still carry that burden of responsibility on his shoulders, that burden is freedom. Pat Tillman could have chose wealth, he could have chose comfort he could have chose the relative safety of football and home life and he gave it all up for us. For a cause that to him was worth dying for. The world of athletics can learn something about Pat and what a real hero is. The world of the elites could stand to learn something too, there are things greater than personal politics and nitch causes such as abortion and trees.

Today heaven got a new Angel, there is a Ranger Leading the Way.


Genesis 16:11-12
And the Angel of the Lord said unto her, Behold, thou art with child, and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael; because the Lord hath heard thy affliction.

And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his Brethren

Daniel 8:25
And through his policy he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many; he shall also stand up against the Prince of Princes; but he shall be broken without hand.
These are just a couple of bible verses tht reference Islam as being important in the end of days, in Daniel it is called the little Horn, all though I am sure there will be contention on me on this but the reference to peace being the conductor for destruction points me to the "religion of peace" which has been come to be a popular moniker for Islam, also Islam right now is at strong odds with Christianity which also fits this prophecy. The Genesis quote I believe is self explanatory, seeing as the muslims believe that Hagar was the mother of Islam and Ishmael the first Arab.


I have found out my mother has come down with lung cancer, she has a mass approximately 3 cm in diameter. She is in good spirits and has come to accept what she cannot change. My father also has bladder cancer so they will probably be receiving chemo at tthe same time.

It seems this year is going to be a rough one overall, with a brother of mine in Iraq serving with the SF, a brother in law who nearly died in a car accident and another one who commited suicide not to mention me and my injuries from Iraq, well I can say I am already looking forward to 2005 if we can get through 2004.
Well Spain pulled out of the coalition, no surprise really except that Zapatero lied to us saying he would keep his troops there until June 30, too bad the brave troops of Spain have to live with the shame of belonging to a cowardly country, it wont take long for the Spanish people to regret ever voting in Zapatero, this guy has dictator written all over him, but like they say you get the government you deserve.

Of course the EU by and large is a large disgusting body of anti-Americans, attempting to change our political process by economically campaigning for the POS Kerry not to mention the Crap Weasel countries of France and Germany receiving bribes from Saddam to not support the US, along with Russia, but what will happen is the world community and press will some how find a way to blame Bush or America for there own disgusting behavior. France and Russia both have the blood of Americans and Iraqis on there hands because of there greed.


I have always been interested in prophecy, especially biblical prophecy. It seems to me that if you are a believer that many signs today point towards the End of Days. So I take heart to having read biblical scripture and prophecy to know that Iraq will be rebuilt much stronger than what it is now, and in fairly short time on the historical scale possibly taking only 3-5 years. The sad part to me as an American is to know that the UN or another world or large geo-political body will receive the praise and glory for that and will be the progenetor of Babylon rising. Also with this strong new Iraq, Syria along with Iran and Saudi Arabia will be turned into faux-democracies and will even sign peace treaties with Israel after Israel capitulates land back to the Palestinians, including Jerusalem, at least half of Jerusalem all this by the guidance of the abomination of desolation or the anti-christ, I wont try to guess who he is or where he will come from. Many say he will arise from palestine or the middle east some others say Europe, if I had to guess he will come out of Israel and will be an Israeli possibly a PM. Thats what makes prophecy so fantastic is the unkown and the thought that maybe I can, unlike many other before, understand and disseminate the facts that points towards the end.

I also wante to add dont forget to check my message boards they are lonely and I would love to see it get fired up.

These truce talks in Fallujah I dont know what to make of them. On the one hand it provides hope for peace on the other it could be allowing the enemy to recoup and to strike back harder than before. Those brave Marines are playing counterstrike and they should be striking, I am not an expert on tactics or diplomacy so I pray that we are doing the right thing.


Well it has been a long time since I added something new to my blog. I have been busy with doctors appointments. Hopefully I am done with the VA for now abd can get on with my life. For those of you who dont know I served in the Army in Iraq during the invasion I was severely injured after 10 days in Iraq, although I was in Kuwait for 2 months.

Time and date may change but the liberal media hasnt. If anything this is the most vile and hateful campaign season in my young life (I am 30). Its scary to look at the political landscape out there and realize what is happening. From Florida Democrats calling for Rumsfield to be shot to Air America constantly spinning lies and half truths. Al Franken meeting with reporters privately in his house to help school them on spinning John Kerry properly and consistent misrepresentations on Iraq. Its no surprise to me to learn that Air America today has been shutdown due to a bounced check, although it is only two cities it goes to show even at a minute level that liberals just cant handle finances. And people think they should lead this country?

Well I am going now but maybe I will add some more later, I have got to remember this blog.

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