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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


This is my first time for creating anything close to a homepage and I will attempt to look at not only US politics but also European politics, for I believe the future of the world lies in the view of the EU's politicians and the powers they are getting on the global scene.

I would also like to apoligize in advance of all future publishing on this site, I used to be a good speller but in my haste and passion while typing I tend to mispel or use the first spelling that pops in my mind. So all you anti-american pseudo-intellectuals and general leftists who would attempt to belittle me for that you will be ignored unless you attempt to correct me in a genuine and honest way.

Well I will leave now seeing that its the holidays and me not being the atheistic anti-american hate-mongerer I will go and enjoy my left-overs from Thanksgiving.

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