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The Quizical Prophecy [views and thoughts from some kansas folks ]


Its funny how the Europeans and the American left is spinning Bush's visit to Baghdad.On the frontpage of the UK's Independent Newspaper ,a left wing rag, a day after Thanksgiving they had the headline "THE TURKEY HAS LANDED" with a picture of GWB holding a turkey up the article went on to say that Bush's ploy was a master stroke. The article also went on to lambast him for his policies, whenever these rags, if you noticed, have a chance to mention Iraq or Bush they will always end with the negative stuff and end up having a different story all together.

Here is the first paragraph of the article.

"George Bush delivered a dramatic Thanksgiving Day surprise last night by flying, under cover of darkness, into Iraq on board Air Force One. "

Last Paragraph.

"The visit came during a lull in the violence, which may have been linked to the Muslim Eid-al-Fitr holiday. Some Iraqis were unimpressed. "To hell with Bush," said Mohammed al-Jubouri. "He is another Mongol in a line of invaders who have destroyed Iraq."


To read the article in its entirety. click on this link.

People may find me a bit obsessed at times on the Europeans. But its my assertion that the continent over there is edging closer to totalitarianism, with hate crimes increasing a stagnant economy with increasingly higher unemployment rates and a move towards construction of a Euro Army,all of the ingredients are in place ,give it maybe 15-20 years for this cycle to complete but when it does and if we as Americans havent taken the necessary precations the future will look even more bleak than what it does now.


This is my first time for creating anything close to a homepage and I will attempt to look at not only US politics but also European politics, for I believe the future of the world lies in the view of the EU's politicians and the powers they are getting on the global scene.

I would also like to apoligize in advance of all future publishing on this site, I used to be a good speller but in my haste and passion while typing I tend to mispel or use the first spelling that pops in my mind. So all you anti-american pseudo-intellectuals and general leftists who would attempt to belittle me for that you will be ignored unless you attempt to correct me in a genuine and honest way.

Well I will leave now seeing that its the holidays and me not being the atheistic anti-american hate-mongerer I will go and enjoy my left-overs from Thanksgiving.

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